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Which blackout curtains are better?

2017-09-25 02:09:55

Curtains are used to cover windows and they also could protect your privacy. The effects of blackout curtains are decided by materials of curtains. Now there are many blackout curtains on the market and the designs and patterns of curtains are very attractive. Although there are many curtains on the market stress that they have great effect of blocking light. But is it true? Today I will introduce you which kind of curtain fabric has a better effect of shading light. Now let's have a look.

blackout curtains

which kind of curtain materials could shade light?

When we talk about materials of curtains, there are cotton, silk , sheer, linen, pile coating and synthetic fibre. Among those materials ,linen and cotton are more popular, as they are easy to wash and change ,which are great for living room; sheer curtains pay more attention to home decoration and have high light transmission, which are suitable to hang in the living room and balcony; silk and velvet curtains are fine in texture, fancy and beautiful, however, their prices are very expensive; bamboo shades have clear texture and good daylighting effect, besides they are also moistureproof, mould proof and no fading, so they are suitable for living room and balcony; synthetic fibre curtains are a little hard and easy to wash ,they could be used for a long time; blind curtains are now very popular, when we are choosing Venetian shades, we need to touch it to feel whether it feels smooth, and then hang the curtain well and try to drew it, to test it whether flexible, finally we need to turn the adjustment lever to check whether the blades could rolling-over freely; in addition, some wooden curtains could use adhesives, which is easy to pollute our bedroom, if there are children, old man or pregnant woman in your home, you'd better not to choose this curtain.

How to choose blackout curtains?

1 Noise avoiding.

According to the research, when interior noise has reached 30db, which could affect our normal sleep. So it's very important for us to find a curtain which could absorb noise, the materials of curtains are mainly cotton, linen and flocking. And usually, if the curtain could be thicker, the curtain could absorb more noise. The good quality curtains could reduce 10-20% outside noise.

2 Blocking light

If you want to take a good sleep at daytime, you'd better choose a blackout curtain for your bedroom and the cotton or flocking curtains are much better. We don't need strong light at study room and dining room, so we could choose Venetian shades to adjust the brightness.

3 Keep warm

In the winter we usually need to think of keeping warm. Velvet curtains are thick and excellent in warm keeping. According to the research of Japanese designers, among all kinds of colors, deep red is the best for warmth and great for winter.

4 Adjusting your mood

If the color of curtains is much too deep, when we see it for a long time, we could feel very depressed; if the color is much too bright, for example, some couple who newly get married would light to use curtains with bright color, some time later, they are easy to get visual fatigue and feel whiny. How about try some simple curtains? you could choose light green, light blue and some natural and fresh color, which could make you feel happy. If you are difficult to fall asleep, you could try black and red curtains which are good for your sleep.

Best Classic blackout curtains in Blue

Different curtains have different effects, if you have read this article, you will have a simple knowledge about different curtains. curtains not only need to have the effect of decoration,  they also need to blackout light. Especially for some houses facing the west. When it comes to the sunset, you will feel the strong sunlight. So many people will choose suitable curtains for their house. Good blackout curtains could block 80% sunlight and make us feel delighted. That's all what I want to talk to you , hope you could like it.