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What are the characters of linen curtain?-the characters of linen curtain and how to clean and maintain them

2017-12-10 08:12:19

Install curtains at home is not a big thing.The people’s focus may be at the choice of flower and the kind of curtain when installing the curtain.One of the curtain function is to block light and dust.When choosing it,we should choose them from curtain fabric. Let’s know the knowledge about linen curtain and see what characters of them.

What are the characters of linen curtain?

Natural Cotton and Linen Blended Curtains

(ITEM ID:JD1064491838) performance of linen is 5 times than wool and 19 times than silk.In the hot weather,wearing linen cloth can make people surface temperature lower 3-4 degree than wearing silk and cotton cloth.

2.Dry.Linen can absorb 20% water and release the water at the same time quickly .It can keep dry whether has any water.

3.Reduce sweat.It can help people keep balance of helping maintain the body's electrolyte balance.As the research says,linen garments can help people’s bodies release sweat 1.5 times less than wearing cotton clothes.

Radiation protection. Putting on a pair of linen trousers can greatly reduce the radiation effects, such as radiation which causes by the decline in the number of male sperm.

5.Anti-static. Blended fabric which only contains 10% linen is enough to play the role of anti-static. It can effectively release people in the electrostatic environment which can caused restlessness, headache, chest tightness, difficulty breathing.

Inhibit bacteria. Linen has good effect of inhibiting bacteria and fungus.It can prevent some diseases effectively. According to studies by Japanese researchers, linen sheets can prevent patients who are in the bed for a long time developing pressure sores.Linen garments can help prevent and treat some skin types such as common rash and chronic eczema.

Prevent allergies.Linen garments is undoubtedly a blessing to people who has skin allergies.Because not only linen fabrics do not cause allergic reactions, they can also help treat some allergic diseases. Linen can reduce inflammation and prevent fever.

linen curtains

How to clean and maintain them

1.If you meet a storm, please remember to close the window in order not to damage the curtains.

2.In the using process,if beads do not touch smoothly when pulling down,you can repeatedly to pull down it.

3.Using a clean duster or cotton towel (suitable for the bar) to clean the dust

4. Using a clean sponge fingerprints to clean the stains , moistened with water and mild detergent wipe.

5,.Remember not use hot things close to the fabric (including chemicals) in order not to damage.

The introduction of the linen curtain characteristics that we talked about is here. The curtains at home before is cotton fabric.In summer, the cotton curtains absorb the heat specially and is troublesome to clean up particularly when dipped into the water heavily.In general, cotton fabrics is not a good choice for curtains.We should pay attention to it.

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