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The curtain in simple European style

2017-09-06 09:09:24

We always pay more attention to the simplicity of life. So we decorate our home in simple and modern style. For the choice of home decorations and some other thing, people will take the simple style into consideration to satisfy their demands. Though people think that fancy and luxury French style is attractive, they will just choose funky and simple European style to show an elegant, chic, unique and fresh feeling.

European Style Embroidery casual curtains

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Fabric curtains in simple European style

The simple European style for home decoration usually give people an elegant and romantic environment. The European style pays much attention to the reasonable match. It can take full use of the space. The European curtains can also create a harmonious effect to give people an elegant feeling. Maybe that's why more and more people are willing to choose European curtains. However, the exquisite craft on European curtains and the demands on window shape determine that the indoor collocation with European curtains are also very important.

The choice of European curtains

There are many fabrics of European curtains, such as gauze, linen, cotton, polyester, silk and so on. And the patterns of European curtains are also various. People can choose them freely according to their own tastes and then make your home more unique.

Actually, some fabrics like linen or burlap are not suitable for European curtains, the silk fabric usually can show a noble temperament.

Simple style curtains

In all, the main color of European style is ivory. People should pay attention to the color collocation and the lights colors are suitable. What we need to show is the fresh and graceful feeling. In summer, the sunlight is very strong, we'd better choose the heavy fabrics to block the strong light and make the indoor room soft and comfortable.

Some people may think that European style is too simple to show their life quality or satisfy their demands. Actually, European style is not simple as the appearance, the hidden designed details and structures can really make show the temperament.