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The Combination of Curtains

2014-12-01 06:12:58
Curtains are consisted of shutter body, accessory materials and fittings.

A. The shutter body is made of valance, drape cloth and sheer. Valance is necessary part of the decorative curtain, and usually adopts the same material of the drape cloth. There are plat, folding, pleated, waves and composite style.

B. The accessories have lace, border, interlining and so on.

C. The fittings have side hook, strap, window hook, window belt, the counterweight and so on.

1.Home Curtains

The room with different functions will have different choices for curtains:
Bedroom: Fabric curtains with blackout cloth and sheer. Style is mainly simple and the smaller can choose finished curtains.

Living Room: The larger living room is more suits to use floor-length fabric curtains with sheer and does not need blackout cloth. It also can decorative the valance on the style. The smaller living room can use opaque roller blinds, fabric blinds or day and night curtains.

Kids room: the curtains are made from material with bright colors and lively patterns or fabric blinds curtains are good. And also the print roller blinds are good choices.

Porch: The best choice of enclosed porch is sunlight roller blinds that are breathable, translucent and can filter UV. What else it takes up little space when it rolls up. If the bedroom is connected with porch, a fabric curtain can be installed to provide to use during sleeping at night.

Dinning room: Dinning room is not the privacy place. Generally, it is enough to have a sheer without sun exposure. Sheer curtains, print roller blinds and sun curtains are good choices.

Study: The study can choose natural wooden blinds, soundproof curtains or solid plain curtains.

Bathroom and kitchen: These places should choose curtains that are waterproof, greaseproof and easy to clean. Generally, aluminum blinds or print roller blinds are better choices.

2.Hotel and Office Buildings Curtains

The curtains of hotel and office building are different from home curtains. In order to meet need of people, these curtains should be made of fabric with simple patterns, such as striped or solid and the style should be concise.

Office building is work place where is not private place. Besides common curtains, vertical blinds, and sunlight roller blinds can be used.

The lobby, bar and restaurant of hotel usually choose blinds or curtains that are matching with valance, while rooms are usually choose warm and elegant decorative fabric or AB fabric to make curtain, bedspread, which can give guest a feel that they are in their own home.