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Striped Curtains top construction - kind and collocation skills

2017-12-07 08:12:56

Choice of curtain top construction is the common thing putting into people’s daily life. It is the decoration of furniture curtains. Many people is very casual when choosing it.However, a suitable curtain top construction can improve the entire level of a curtain.

If the sofa is a red flower in the living room, the curtain will be a green leaf.If two of them can be harmoniously match with each other, the whole furniture will greatly enhance the temperament.

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Nature and random top construction seems likely to wrapped the whole drapery on the curtain rod inadvertently. The style seems casual but still elegant. And the shape is nature.In fact,each fold has been carefully handled. It can make the entire environment become warm and quiet, which is the best choice for the pursuit of individual life. People who like the warm environment should not miss it.

2, the classic curtain top construction folds: Curtain top construction and body chose the same color with solid color fabric.This classic curtain top construction folds fit well with indoor layout, which is elegant and solemn and will not be repressive.

3, Vertical folds: Curtain top construction adopts this kind of folds design.The floral pattern together emphasize the whole sense of simple curtains. The folds way of curtain is especially suitable for cotton and line texture curtain fabric.

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How to collocate

1.beige sofa + bright yellow curtains

Elegant beige sofa with bright yellow fabric curtains, highlight the fashion mix, which is supplemented by Southeast Asia style patterns, as if elegant bright yellow and lavender of the birds tail feathers pattern.Curtain pattern makes people feel like being in Southeast Asia's plant kingdom, which make people feel mild and soft-able.

2. Gray sofa + dandelion pattern curtains

Gray has always been able to give people the feeling of the atmosphere.Matching with a simple fresh dandelion will give people a fresh feeling..Dandelion flying in the sky will reminded us of childhood memories.

3. Green sofa + black curtains

Elegant green sofa is decorated with the pattern of bluebirds.Ink rose is bloom in the whole the window. The green and ink which is uncoordinated have become more coordinated because of the echo of birds and flowers.

striped curtains

There are a lot of collocation ways of striped curtains top construction. However,if you want to match more good-looking, you need some skills. The curtain top construction also called as "window curtain", which is a kind of variety fabric curtain decoration. It can be used in together with other forms of curtain. In the design of the curtains, the shape of the curtain top construction directly determines the style of the curtains, which can be complex ornate, or simple rational, or romantic, or intellectual and elegant. The design of the lace and belted will be affected by it, pursuing the matching effect.