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Some little knowledge about curtains decoration

2015-02-13 08:02:55

If you want to decorate your luxurious, magnificent living room, choose curtains with the full dropping gauze feeling. Which can make you more elegant take your expensive gas and emotional appeal; decorative children sleeps room, then choose a cartoon drape, reflect the child's innocence and childlike.

Although the curtain is light, but for home protection it’s really well, especially organ curtain. Organ style at the design, it will be indoor and outdoor effectively isolated, insulated cold, air-conditioning time plus curtains can be a closed environment.

Stars patterns curtains

A certain degree of environmental conservation. There is also a special upper and lower combined design organ shade, let the sun SMOOTH OPERATOR in indoor infiltration from the windows of the top at the same time, and can protect the privacy. If you pull the curtains, then it can provide the dark environment for you to have a nice rest.