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Rod pocket curtains-The characteristic introduction of rod pocket curtains

2017-12-18 12:12:43

Curtains are a helpful production that can block the sunshine outside the door as well as protect privacy in life. Home ventilation is a important thing which need us to pay attention to. Therefore, the times to use the window become more than before. While in afternoon, if we want to ventilate, the sunshine will be through the window and arrive at home. Then the curtain’s function will work. So I bring the introduction of rod pocket curtains. Let’s see the introduction of rod pocket curtains.

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Brief introduction

Curtains are made of fabric, linen, gauze, aluminum, wood, material and so on, which can block sunshine as well as adjust the indoor light. Curtains can be divided by material including cotton gauze, polyester gauze, polyester-cotton blended, cotton-linen blended, non-woven. Curtains in different material, texture, color, pattern can form different style curtains, matching with different style room to design curtains. The control ways of curtains can be divided manual control and electric control. Manual curtain include manual opening and closing curtain, manual pull beads blinds, manual silk soft curtain, manual wood blinds, manual Roman blinds, manual organ curtain and so on. Electric curtain include electric opening and closing curtain, electric blinds, electric silk soft curtain, electric ceiling curtain, electric wood blinds, electric Roman blinds, electric organ curtain and so on. With the development of curtain, it has become indoor decoration perfectly mixed with essential, functional and decorative .


Function introduction

The major function of curtains are to block people away from outdoor and keep indoor privacy.They are essential decoration of furniture at the same time.In winter, curtains separate the indoor and outdoor into two worlds, adding warmth in room.Modern curtains can reduce and block the light in order to adapt the requirement of people’s different light intensities.They can also improve indoor climate and environment, including protecting from fire,protecting from wind, protecting from dust, keeping warm, reduce muffler, blocking heat insulation, protecting from radiation protection,protecting from UV and so on. Therefore, the most characteristic of modern curtains are to mix the decoration and practicality.

characteristic introduction

1.Not afraid of fire

Multi-functional curtains use nano-technology to deal with nano-materials, which have a effect of flame retardant.It has reached the highest standards of the international and domestic textile flame retardant. It has reached A-level indicator through the international SGS test and B1 level indicator through the textile standard test as well as confirmed in the State Fire Building Materials Quality Supervision and Testing Center certification.If you use a lighter to burn this product, you will only see the smoke without the open flame. The flame, smoke, smell and other indicators have reached fire-retardant products and components burning performance requirements of the public places.

2.Sound insulation and blocking

Pure fabric texture bump together with the soft tissue thickness played a effect of sound-absorbing, muffler, block noise.The use of nano-materials and nano-technology enhance the sound absorption of the fabric. We are very eager for peace in a busy day.Multi-functional curtains create a quiet and comfortable living environment for you.

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3.Clear forever

Multi-functional curtains adopt nano-materials and nano-technology.The surface is dealt with waterproof, anti-oil, anti-fouling, dust-proof, anti-static.The water, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking oil,etc will form a small water ball on the fabric surface.It is very easy to care as long as you can use detergent to wipe stains. Multi-functional curtains will protect from dust when using.They are no-clean, maintenance-free, maintenance-free,clean-free,often new,energy-saving low-carbon.

4.Can be closed

Multi-functional curtains adopt woven fabric as the surface material.After dealing with nano-technology, they will have function of antibacterial mildew and has better breathability as well as moisture resistance. They will not be contaminated with bacteria when using.

These are introduction of rod pocket curtains.Rod pocket curtains is one of the various curtains install ways.According to curtains install ways,they can divided into many other different curtains.But this time, I bring rod pocket curtains which is the most convenient way of dismantlement and installation.They are also very common in life.Their usage rate determine their popularity.