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Psychological effects of color

2014-12-03 08:12:58
Color can express emotion. Through human visual senses, colors can influence on sprit, emotion and behavior of people.

1. Red: red is a color that has particular strong irritant, which is exciting and can leave a deep impression on people. Red is easy to associate with blood and flame. And also because of strong irritant, red represents life, passion and vitality. It can be full of vitality and has a charming of positive. In our traditional opinion, red is usually connected with lucky and fortunate, so red becomes a common color that is usually appeared in festivals and other celebrations. However, on some special occasions, red can make people have a feel of terror and danger.

When red is matching with other colors:
a. Lemon: Red is presenting a kind of power that is suppressed, which is controlled by yellow that is a symbol of knowledge.
b. Dark red: Red has a function of calm and put out passion.
c. Lilac: Red becomes a color that is suppressed, which contributes lilac to resist.
d. Chartreuse: Red becomes a reckless interloper, which is vivid and fun.
d. Orange: Red seems to be dying, which is lifeless.
e. Black: Red will burst out the most unconquerable passion and strength.

2. Orange: Orange is a mixed color of yellow and red and also belongs to one of excited colors, which represents warm, lively and noisy. Orange is warmest one in all colors and it is easy to be accepted. Some ripe fruits and nutritious food are mostly orange, so that color is easy to associate with nutritious and sweet things and arouse appetite.

When orange is matching with other colors:
a. White: Orange is pale.
b. Black: Orange shows it’s most characteristic feature.
c. Fade orange loses its vivid.
d. Dark orange has the warmest and most active visual effect.

3. Yellow: Yellow is a happy and exciting color, which represents bright, glorious, striking and noble. It can let people feel happy. Yellow, a bright and beautiful color, has a strong light perception with strong visual effect.

When yellow is matching with other colors:
a. Yellow on white background: yellow looks like dim and does not have optical radiation. Yellow becomes a color on a subordinate position.
b. Yellow on pale pink background: It loses its vitality.
c. Yellow on orange background: Yellow looks more pure and nobler. When yellow and orange gather together, they like that sun are shining in mature wheat field.
d. Yellow on green background: Yellow will extent to outside and become more bright and beautiful.
e. Yellow on fuchsia background: Yellow will show a power special feature that is solid and calm.
f. Yellow on black background: Yellow is brightest, becoming powerful and strong sunlight.

4. Green: Green is a color between yellow and blue. It has positive of yellow and also has clam of blue. The two features make green has vitality on the silence. Green is a color of nature, which can balance people’s psychology. Green’s transpose filed is very wide, which can show different image by contrasting with different colors.

When green is matching with other colors:
a.Green on the background of yellow can give people a sprightly feel.
b. Green on grey background will give people a sense of sadness and recession.
c. Green on orange background has the cold vitality that will increase to the maximum.
d. Green on the black background is stable, vigorous and elegant and at the same time, it will give people a indifference, depressed, and bitter feel.

5. Blue: Blue is cold color, which has a feature of clam, purity and rational. It represents peace, cool, cold and intelligence. Blue can give people a sense of away from world.
When blue is matching with other colors:
a.Blue on yellow background loses its luster.
b.Blue on green background has radiance of red.
c.Blue on white background is cool and purity.
d.Blue on black background is shining for a pure power and its brightness is improved to a high point.
e.What’s more, when it matches with some cold colors, blue is easy to produce a sense of strange and lonely.

6. Purple: Purple is a color that is difficult to use, which represents secret, noble and serious. It give people a sense of elegant and luxury. Improving purple’s brightness can have a charming and elegant effect, while reducing the brightness will make purple lose its luster.

7. Black: Black is a negative color on aspect of vision. One hand, black is a symbol of sorrow, death and desperation. On the other hand, it has an impression of solemn and perseverance. When black matches with other colors, it can make design have a vivid effect, which can cause a great impact of vision.

8. White: White is give people an impression of purity, which is a symbol of peace and purity. This color has a function that can show all the charming points.