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How to choose villa living room curtains

2017-12-03 08:12:32

The villa in people’s impression is always large and magnificent.The whole style is easy to change and can accommodate different kinds of styles.Today,we will talk about villa living room curtains.It can easily show different styles in design.If these styles do not match with each other very well,it is easy to make the whole style not good-looking.Well,how to create a changeable and harmonious unity of the villa living room curtains?Let’s see together.

The environment analysis of the villa living room curtains

The fabric art in the living room appeal to the environment elegant,spacious and bright light.The color should be coordinated with the walls,furniture and so on.We suggest that you can use intermediate color.In the style of family decoration,it can be divided into Chinese style,European style and leisure style these three major themes.We can usually see the style of hanging,off, floor,outside curtain to decorate inside curtain.Inside curtain is usually with translucent fabric curtain for the reason that its influence is good.The effect will be better if it is further decorated with curtains.

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How to choose villa living room curtains?

1.If the window is high and narrow,you can choose the curtain whose length is just over the windowsill and extend the window frame towards two sides,trying to expose the largest window. If the window is wide and short,you can choose the long and high curtain close to the window frame.If the window is too short,you can hang half-length curtains with the same color above or below the window,making it just cover window frame and windowsill,resulting in a visual illusion. Curtain pattern should not be too frequent. When we consider the effect of discount, big and large room should choose the horizontal pattern.

2.The season choice of color.In spring and autumn,we usually use beige, light dark green, yellow, pink as the theme. In summer,we use white, beige, light gray, sky blue, green lake as the best theme. In winter,we select brown, dark green, purple, dark coffee as the appropriate theme. The vertical pattern of the tracery makes the room higher.

villa living room curtains

3.Choose according to the seat of the living room.The window in the east can bring people the feeling of warm and bright.You can choose to use a good light transmission organ curtain and silk curtain and other curtains.The window in the south and west is the place where the light is very hot.The window in this direction can choose straight curtain, organ curtain or pleated curtain which have the function of separating the light to reduce the glare to stimulate the eyes.The light of the window in the north is usually not good,If we choose pale curtains,it can both make room bright and expand the feeling of space.

4.The curtain pattern should control the principle of simple,bright and elegant whether it choose geometric abstract shapes, or choose natural landscape patterns.Curtains should not only pay attention to the coordination with other indoor furnishings and combined with window place well to produce light and other elements, but also enhance the whole sense of indoor cohesion.

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5.Dark colors can make people feel the space shrinking,while bright light colors will make small space seem more wide. If the color is collocated well,it will create the comfortable feeling.If the color isn’t collocated well,it will make people tensed and nervous.If the color is mixed,it will bring people confused.In conclusion,the color of curtains should not be too garish.

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These are today’s knowledge of villa living room curtains.The villa can contain various style collocation because it is very big.This bring us a lot of space to create freely.However,the design can not be too arbitrary otherwise the big villa looks no longer beautiful as a whole.So it is worth everyone to pay attention.