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Common shower curtains

2017-10-10 10:10:28

Curtains are very common for us, the main role of curtains is to block light and protect our privacy. Bathroom need curtains also. Bathroom curtains are use to protect our privacy when we take a shower and to avoid the water slopping to keep bathroom clean. What kind of shower curtains we usually use, now I will introduce for you.

what kind of curtain we should use?

Bathroom is a private place, we often take a shower and go to the toilet in the bathroom. So we need something to cover people's sight line. Usually ,some people would like to use frosted glass or stick Window stickers there, which could protect our privacy, however, frosted glass and window stickers are not very beautiful. Now we could install curtains to make our bathroom more beautiful, but not all curtains are suitable to be used in bathroom, which need to be private, waterproof and Ventilated.

Thick PEVA Cartoon Zebra/Zoo Shower Curtains

Blinds curtain

Blinds curtain is very romantic and young people would like to use such curtains, it's simple and decent. Blinds curtain not only could protect our privacy, and also could control light. So many young people would like to use blinds curtain in bathroom.

Roller curtains

Up roller curtains or side roller curtains are waterproof, which are suitable to use in bathroom. Roller curtains have different styles and sizes.

Cloth curtains

We usually use cloth curtains in living room and bedroom. How about using cloth curtains in bathroom? Of course, we could use normal cloth curtains there, you'd better not to choose thick cloth curtains and easy to maintain. If cloth curtains get dirty,  you need to deal with it at present, so you can't choose shrunk fabrics or expensive one, and you also can’t choose thin curtains which could expose your privacy.  

shower curtains

Frosted glass

If there is no person who live at your opposite, you could choose frosted glass, which could block some light , if there is someone live at your opposite, when you have chosen frosted  glass, you’d better add curtains for bathroom glass, as others could see the shadow of the person.

Bamboo curtains

Bamboo curtains are very unique, which are waterproof and convenient, which could protect your privacy and guarantee enough light when it's necessary.

The above is all I want to say today. Now you must have you answer. If you are going to buy bathroom curtains, you could choose your favorite curtains according to the above-mentioned. I believe shower curtains will help you in your life.