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Several Questions You Will Have When You Choosing Curtains

2017-02-13 09:02:22

1. Q: Which kind of curtains can block the light well?

A: Most of the fabrics are okay, especially those thick curtains, dark color curtains, chenille curtains or you can even add blackout lining to your curtains to reach a better effect.
blackout curtains

Q: How to choose colors and patterns of curtains?

A: To make your home have irreplaceable charm, you can choose bright and warm colors to show the unique of the season, so they can create romantic atmosphere to your living room. Patterns of the curtains should be chosen according to the main color of your home decor, each detail will decide the style of your home, so curtains selection is so important.

blackout curtains

Q: What is the difference between functional curtains and common curtains?

A: Functional curtains are good for heat insulation and they are anti-ultraviolet, and they are eco-friendly curtains which passes the system of national quality certification. Unique and exquisite workmanship will make the curtains won't cause the curtains out of shape even you wash them by water. So it is important for you to choose curtains with good quality.