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Five Tips To Teach You How To Choose Bedroom Curtains

2017-02-22 08:02:37

Recently, many people like bedroom with balcony, they think it can expand area of bedroom effectively, also can increase lighting and ventilation. However, if think about the privacy of bedroom, it has to use curtain to decorate. So, how to choose bedroom curtain is necessary.

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1. Color collocation

How to choose the color of bedroom curtain, it depends on overall tone of bedroom or use same (similar) color, it can create comfortable and harmonious atmosphere. Or use groups of different colors, according to match with fabric products (sofa, bedspreads and so on), it becomes bouncing rhythm. Also you can use contrasting colors, especially combine with curtain pattern can make bedroom vibrant.

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2. Usage of material

Bedroom curtains should better have two layers, out layer can choose thick cotton and linen material to shade light, noise and dust so that can make a good rest environment, inside layer can use thin lace, it mainly to create romantic atmosphere.

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3. Unified Style

Curtain color and style is related to home main style. How to choose curtain, it basically needs to match bedroom style. Curtain material,color and design should match bedroom.

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4. Wall decoration

Curtain is the largest decoration for bedroom on the wall. Especially simple bedroom,except some painting, there only has curtain on the wall. So curtain style is very important to decorate a bedroom.

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5. Curtain size

When buying curtain, suitable measurement of curtain should measure window width and height. If window has curtain box, width and height should measure from inside of curtain box,if window has frame, window size should measure from the edge of frame. A basic method is measure curtain rods. And exactly curtain size should think about bedroom style. Generally, curtain height should be longer than windowsill. And curtain to be long to floor can make bedroom look ceremonial.