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Curtain Rods-- Kinds of Curtain Rods and Selecting and Purchasing Methods

2017-08-08 08:08:29

Curtain is a kind of homeware which is necessary is family. If you need to hang curtains and use them conveniently, I suggest you to use curtain rods to hang curtains. At present, there are many kinds of curtain rods in the market, we could choose it according to our requirement. Then how many kinds of curtain rods now and what are the methods and principles of choosing curtain rods?

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Kinds of curtain rods

There are two kinds of curtain rods: clear rod and dark rod. What's clear rod? It's a kind of rod we could see the color of rods and decoration cap. Clear rods are becoming popular, because it meet the trend of fitting decoration ,decoration light. Contrary to clear rods, dark rods are usually putted in the curtain box and people usually can't see rods. This kind of rod is becoming unpopular.

According to the materials of the rods, there are plastic rods, wooden rods, alloy rod, iron rods and the stainless steel at present.

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The rule of choosing curtain rods

1.The collocation with style and color: when we are choosing curtain rods, we usually choose rods according to the color and style. We choose different colors of the curtain rods according to the main color if curtains and wall paintings. Besides, curtain rods should go well with the whole style ,which makes room look fantastic. At present, most families choose simple style, so we should choose curtain rods with lively rhythm and simple stripes.

2.The taste of the owners: we usually observe others according to the details, room decoration is also one of the details. The curtain rods could reflect the taste of the room owner.

3.The function of the room: firstly the curtain rods should meet basic needs, then , we also need to choose according to the shape of the edge of the window.

I believe this article is useful for us to choose curtain rods. When we buy curtain rod, we should buy rods according to the interior decoration style and color. At the same time we should think of the main function to the room curtains, finally we could find the perfect curtain rods.