Depending On Different Usages To Choose Striped Curtain For Home Decoration

Some fall in love deeply with striped curtains for those who are decorate his room with striped decorations, one of them is striped curtain. Depending on different usages to striped curtains hang up in front different sizes windows.

First: For narrow but tall windows

How do we choose a striped curtain for some narrow but very tall windows?The best idea is some short style curtains for it is relatively large as far as possible above the window, in terms of length can choose some just over the windowsill.

striped curtain

Second:For short but wide windows

Long drapes can be used for some short but wide windows. Remember to the long curtain should be the one as simple as possible for short windows. It is better to choose the curtain printed with simple pattern for those wide but short windows.

All above aspects are mentioned here is depending on different usages to choose a right striped curtain for home decor. People can based on those which have mentioned above to purchase a curtain in the future.

Tips for discount shower curtain purchasing

5How to purchase a right shower curtain become an important thing what we concerned about in our life. Noe only because of the variety shower curtain styles in the market, but also cause of the bathroom is a place where is water and easy to breed of bacteria. Whereas the bathroom decoration and collocation are become very important thing that people pay close attention to.

Because of the bathroom is a small place first. Therefor, both too light and dark colors are not suitable for bathroom decoration with which make room look more smaller than before. The better suggestion is the brilliant color shower curtains.

shower curtains

Next do not pick up a discount shower curtain for your bathroom decoration even you are a person keep your room clean all the time. But it is difficult for you to keep every single place is clean for the small gap in the corner of the bathroom where easy to bread bacteria, especially when you are taking shower and the water splash into the gap.

As we all know even after a long time we take shower, the residue of sweltering pavement is still there in the bathroom, and water vapor in the air water the shower curtain that would not dry in some minutes. In order to keep shower curtain in a long time, please discard to the discount shower curtain for bathroom decoration.

How to choose a long shower curtain

When choosing a long shower curtain which should be matched with bathroom style. An elegant complex style is more suitable for the bathroom in order to add some beautiful touching.A lavish patterned is best choice.The white or simple decoration style better to match with splice curtain with which make a balance collocation.Vertical stripes or pleated strips shower curtains can effectively extend eye-catching of bathroom that make the original complex vision becomes concentrate unified.There are too many elements need to think about. So what we need to pay attention to when choosing a long curtain?

The first thing we need to notice when choosing a curtain is not to use more than three colors to be the main color for which is too complicated to make people uncomfortable.A large piece of background cloth with some small patterned are best choice. For long shower curtain, the bottom hem best to keep 2cm distance from the floor and the length of the shower curtain must be fit to be able to play the role of grace for your bathroom.

long shower curtain

In order to prevent long shower curtain too light to fly. Some ornaments can add to the bottom of the shower curtain enhance the drape effect.And there is better has retaining bar under the shower curtain to prevent the water.

New features of nautical curtains

Nautical curtains is a new style curtain.Some of them are made from canvas substrate material.The changing curtain market currently promote the curtain style increasing varieties styles one after another.There are many new styles come out accompanied with a number of new features curtains. Here we take a look at what new features a curtain contain except to the blackout and insulation properties in traditional,

In addition to a strong insulation feature, nautical curtain has sound absorbing and Dust-proof features. Currently,the contamination of the city is more prominent, no mater the noise or dust pollution is affecting people’s normal life. Unfortunately we have to open a window even the pollution is around us. How to prevent us form the noise or dust pollution is an urgent problem.A new thermal curtain come out and has an effective noise isolation performance and effective block the smoke, particulate matter, pollen and other small particles from entering the room, keeping the room fresh and clear.

Polka Dots Nautical Curtain

Another feature of nautical curtain is the beautiful and comfortable.Nautical curtain is often designed based on homeowner’s preferences or other other furniture so that they can match each other well and make a room have a great collocation.

Plaid curtains are really awesome when you use them in your rooms

Buy curtains in the plaid curtains as buyers so freely, also can not because he likes what kind of styles will buy, want to know, the hotel is a place with a very focused on privacy, even the curtains choose to do so, then hotel curtains to need to have the basic functions of which?

Function, privacy protection
No matter who do not want their privacy exposed to other people’s eyes, so all the settings in the hotel are required to have the function of protecting the privacy of customers.

Function two, the sound effect is better
Especially some hotel construction in the downtown or the near vicinity of the airport, the noisy miscellaneous voice will let the customer very disgusted, so hotel curtains also has sound insulation function, so even with the windows open, as long as the curtains, noise isolation in the outside and the customer to a clear and quiet world.

plaid curtains

Function three, decorative effect
Everyone needs to live in the environment is beautiful, even a night of the hotel is no exception. The decorative effect of hotel curtains really should not be underestimated, a gorgeous style curtains to let customers have the feeling of luxury, a warm curtains will allow customers to have a home feeling, and a romantic curtains will let customers have a fantastic feeling.

Function four, shading effectMany hotels are equipped with sea view room or rooms. The characteristics of these rooms is see very far, and almost all of them will have a large French window, can enjoy window scenery, but to enjoy the beauty of the remainder, the sun is also a problem. If there is no shade of the curtains, the room has been enough sunlight, it will look very hot, good winter, if it is summer, then the oven.

More about the hotel curtains, want to know friends may wish to and professionals to communicate, if you want to buy, it is recommended find a reputation of strong businesses buy, not only the quality is good, prices are also able to more favorable.

Nursery curtains are very popular these days

For the healthy growth of the child, whether home or kindergarten school, in the decoration will consider the impact of the child, especially in the choice of nursery curtains more obvious. According to the survey data show, percent of the more than 80 kindergarten because choose a suitable curtains, the lovely and lively children not only in the park, but also very smart, then how to use nursery curtains to create a perfect world for children?

First, the location of the room, some room faces east of sunshine is enough, some South, the sun is also true, whether towards where, should consider the sunlight irradiation, if the exposure time is long, then the best option shading and better. Only in this way can sunlight sheltered me, and as for the morning and afternoon sunshine, nature is left for the children.

nursery curtains

Next, the pattern and material of the curtain. For children, it is best to choose cotton like curtains, the curtains and comfortable, and looks very good, feels soft, conducive to the child’s growth, as for the pattern can choose cute cartoon type, also can choose flowers, green type, according to the style of the park, choose suitable can be.

Third, the color of the nursery curtains, nursery curtains the color it is best to choose a bit more gorgeous, after all, the small child, the color is sensitive to the time, gorgeous curtain can not only win the children’s favorite, also can to the indoor bring very good decorative effect.

Above is the choice of nursery curtains need to pay attention to three aspects, for the future of the motherland, both who will give great concern, and are closely related to children’s growth and around them anything, don’t to save money and the choice of some of the poor quality of the curtain, you know, some curtains although it looks very nice, but formaldehyde standard, for children to contact a long time people are not good.

Why people choose Room Darkening Curtains

With the improvement of people’s living standards, pressure from woke, family and society appears to be increasing too. At this moment, many people need a quiet environment to reflect on oneself. So the Room Darkening Curtains are a top priority. Apart from escaping pressure, Room Darkening Curtains also have many other benefits.

room darkening curtains

First, sleep aid
Nowadays, many people have a bad habit of sleep.

In traditional sense, only the elderly suffer from insomnia. Actually many young people, even some teenagers and children are among the group. At this time, it is necessary to choose a Room Darkening Curtain to adjust one’s emotion. In most cases, heavy traffic annoys us day and night. Insomnia is terrible enough, let alone such noise. When people choose Room Darkening Curtains, such conditions may be effectively improved. At least, people can feel the real darkness of night, which are the best time for sleep.Additionally, people who do shift work will definitely sleep poorly if don’t choose Room Darkening Curtains since the light outside is so dazzling.

Second, private space supply

Everyone needs a concealed space to be in thought or in a trance. So choosing a Room Darkening Curtains means supplying oneself a mental space. Plus, since there are so many voyeurs out there, such kinds of curtains enable people to enjoy one’s time better.

How about the market prospect of kids curtains?

Nowadays, whether a pupil or an undergraduate, each of their rooms have its curtains. Actually, apart from being used to prevent peeping from others, curtains are culture itself, which can reflect one’s hobbies and character. Kids curtains are basically girls’ best choice. Lovely patterns on them are one of the reasons why little girls take particular interest in kids curtains. Students are usually fond of lovely cartoon characters, Landscape, handsome guys and pretty girls in movies and animations.

Kids curtains

A few days ago, seven-year old daughter of a friend told her mom, ‘how about buying a kids curtain for my room tomorrow?’ My friend asked, ‘why do you like such kind of curtains?’ Her little daughter answered happily, ‘my classmates all have such curtains in their home, we all love it!’ So the market prospect of kids curtains are very bright for there is a huge student consumer group which are usually spoiled at home. They can get whatever they want, so a piece of curtain is nothing to parents. Therefore, the selling of kids curtains will be promised a cornucopia future everywhere.

Therefore, the investment of kids curtains will be promised a widely market promise. We advise to choose the site near schools, and university town will be better. Not only favored by little girls, kids curtains are many ladies’ choice. A family usually have more than one curtains, so if you decide to invest in kids curtains, you are bond to succeed.

Beautiful amazing cool curtains can decorate your room well

Many people want to use the cool curtains to cut off the heat from the outside world, can enjoy the natural light effect, this can do? This is called the heat shield but not the function of the cool curtain, with it, during the day and work in the office, do not need to open the fluorescent lamp, but also an environmentally friendly products. Suitable for use in home office and office building.

Want to block the cool curtain, cool curtain outside light, and can enjoy the outdoor pure natural air, then to choose a breathable shade, it can both shading and ventilation, but heat insulation effect cannot ask. If you are afraid of the window desk work tanned, again afraid furniture is basked in to get out trend, they need to buy block ultraviolet a relatively high degree of functional cool curtain, like this to the indoor played as a sunshade.

cool curtains
This summer, temperatures are higher, the sun often violent lets a person cannot resist, the home market, the functional cool curtain began to become the mainstream consumer, can be described as being at heat in all directions. First, the function of the cool curtain, is in the evening to block the outside and indoor, to sleep to create a relatively quiet and dark environment. In the summer, it will become more of the hot sun and shade.

People will buy cheaper prices of shade cloth, making summer in the shade, cheap shade cloth are generally pearl powder coating material products, a colorful pattern, silver side shading coating, and is single free pattern. The price is cheap, mainly through the pearl coating, to reflect sunlight, shading to reach. Has a certain degree of heat insulation, but its coating is powder glue, smell, and not breathable, will let indoor air plug. At the time of purchase, the first news about Is it right? Smell is very heavy, easy to fall Is it right? Powder. If the smell is very strong, it is recommended not to buy, long-term indoor life in this shade, will lead to dust too, rhinitis, asthma, etc.

Amazing curtain styles can make your room much more elegant

Curtains are essential to our decoration of a household ornaments. When consumers buy curtains, they will often buy things through often their renovation experience. While, actually buying curtains has a certain skill, requirement of different rooms is different. Curtain styles are very important.

1. Good at irregular room use track

Special window in the residential more common, such as circular arc, the installation of curtains inconvenient. Thanks to a flexible track design, can make the shape of the curtain was leaning against the window, to achieve seamless, opening and closing are very easy.

curtain styles

2. The window depends on the orientation of cloth thickness

When choosing fabrics, must take into account the direction of their own window. The windows facing south, daylight is good, gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth is appropriate. North of the room, often cold and gray, should choose warm color and some heavier curtains, increasing the temperature. If there is a window in the east or west, the shade is the most important application of the curtain.. The shade of the shade can cover the glare, but also keep the indoor brightness, make full use of natural light to illuminate the room.

3. The all-match flat open the curtains

Flat open the curtain is one of the most common style. Simple, free of any decoration, size, suspension and lift can be applied to most windows. According to the width of the window, the curtain design for side pull and bilateral pull, general boundaries for reference to 1.5 meters. Lift the curtain can be lift or side to side, form a gentle arc, manufacturing good decorative effect, also can freely mix strap accessories.

Elegant shabby chic curtains attract people’s attention

The beautiful shabby chic curtains can play an important role in home design. The design follows the principle of a curtain of visual art on. So in the selection and arrangement of the curtain, also need to follow the principle of visual art, so as to create a good visual effect in. So elegant and comfortable home environment.

The contrast is the basic shape of art design skills, to two different things, such as color, shape control is called contrast. As the radius, the depth, thickness, and so on. The two apparently opposing elements in the same space, through the design, so that the both antagonistic and harmonious, contradiction and unity, in strong contrast obtained contrasting, seeking complementary and meet results. This is the basic principle of curtain design.

shabby chic curtains

Harmony includes harmony of idea. It is under the premise of meeting the functional requirements, the combination of a variety of indoor objects shape, color, light, the quality of harmony, has become a very harmonious and unified whole. Harmony can also be divided into the harmonious environment and the shape of the material, harmony of texture, color harmony, style harmony and so on. Enable people in the visual harmony, psychological quiet, calm and satisfaction. Curtain arrangement the need to follow this rule.

Symmetry is the formal beauty of the traditional techniques, is the earliest available human laws. Symmetry is divided into absolute and relative symmetry. Next, the symmetry of the same shape, the same color, homogeneous for absolute symmetry. Used in interior design is relatively symmetrical. Symmetry gives feelings order, solemn, orderly, harmonious beauty.

shabby chic curtains

Life Golden Rooster independent, actors tightrope, from the force equilibrium to stable visual art to enjoy, make people obtain the visual psychological equilibrium, the equilibrium is under axis, center point ranging from the shape and the equivalent form, component, color configuration. Balanced and symmetrical forms of comparison, have the charm of lively and vivid, harmonious and beautiful.

The bedroom curtains are in contact with the outside channel, directly affects the room internal sound and light, heat, dust and other conditions. Sound absorption, heat insulation, cold proof, dust-proof, anti peeping light regulation is the most fundamental and important function of the curtain. If above the perfect basis functions based on, choose a color of quietly elegant, elegant color and furniture design with the overall style appropriate to the curtains, it will give a bedroom increased different artistic effects, from but the environment has become more and more beautiful.

FEATURES & OCCASIONS are important elements of curtains

In the design of the bar, the curtain is very important, but bar design is not only comfortable enough, because of the particularity of the bar, in the decoration of the bar we should pay attention to the effect of the noise. In fact, if the sound insulation effect, the curtain is the best, how in the decoration to buy curtains?? together and see it! In order to give you a different bar consumption space, to make the bar scene is more beautiful, many bars in decorative design with a curtain to be decorated. Then the bar decoration design need to pay attention to is in the choice of the curtains need and wall color harmony, pay attention to the direction of the pattern on the curtain, avoid upside down, the aesthetic impact.

The FEATURES & OCCASIONS of curtains in the bar decoration design careful design choices can make insipid bar interior decoration become has the individuality. It is in a certain extent curtain reflecting the accomplishment of a person in the culture and art. Usually the saloon bar decoration design are generally equipped with two curtain, inner layer with texture of thin gauze, outer layer with texture of thick curtains. The screen is generally not open during the day, the curtain can be opened or closed, but the night would be shut off.The aesthetic function, mainly lies in the rich bar interior decoration space atmosphere, but also can make the scenery outside the window is dim and misty, weaken the bar interior decoration the contrast of light and shade, atmosphere with soft reserved, quiet, full of gentle beauty.

curtains feature

In fact, when everyone in the bar decoration design can also combine this point to the decoration design of the bar. In the whole bar hall decoration design if in the spacious hall, the walls and pillars from the bottom ceiling all posted with dark marble, although expensive material, but to the feelings of the people is proximity to the grotto, resulting in a dark cold chill. When it comes to the problem we want to tell everyone in the choice of decoration materials should be comprehensive consideration of different material characteristics and ingenious use of these materials to be bar decoration design.

In addition to the above content, here we also need to tell everyone in the bar in the design and decoration of glass plays a crucial role. It should be clear to everyone traditionally thought to have no bottles, glasses, the mirror can not be called to the bar, bar decoration modern still use the ideas and habits. In the decoration of the time, we should get to know some decoration knowledge, can better guarantee the decoration effect.

Vintage curtains can make your room much more elegant

The designer will use every detail in Home Furnishing to achieve decorative purposes, as far as possible to ensure there will not be some Home Furnishing decoration on the point of failure. Then the vintage curtains went into the decoration designer’s eyes, the vintage curtains is no longer just to cover the window light, a more important function is to decorate Home Furnishing role. You want to achieve a good decorative effect, it can not be ignored to some of the details of the problem in order to make vintage curtains. Curtains and Home Furnishing perfect fusion together. Decoration designers not only has a harmonious, unique decorative effect for curtains, reasonable overall shape, but also need to have some of the details of the highlights.

Vintage curtains can bring out the different colors, materials, other small decoration with various styles of vintage curtains, can reflect the different style music, convey the unique aesthetic style. Do not underestimate these details of accessories, they enhance the sense of quality and delicacy of the curtain. The curtain head fold way.

vintage curtains

Home Furnishing decoration is actually one of the details of mutual connection, for us Home Furnishing completely is a whole, a change in the small details they can give people a new feeling, just like the same person wearing different clothes to give people the feeling is not the same. In the living room, the curtains will play a clothes this responsibility, if you want to make the living room there is a different feeling, then you might as Home Furnishing for a new curtain. Change the curtains, even from the outside look inside, the feeling is not the same! Colorful cloth curtain to pull up, fold the formation of several natural, is a romantic French style design.

Multiple level uneven thickness of the curtain, the expression of complex retro aesthetic, above is a short vintage curtains around the fixed arc, drooping into several different levels, let beneath the vintage curtains up are changing.In fact, with the same function there are many kinds of vintage curtains style, above the kind of cloth vintage curtains is very suitable for modern living room, straight, simple and clean, and furniture color fusion, reduce the traditional long thick cloth vintage curtains, can let more light in. This is the traditional cloth vintage curtains, a refreshing light blue, plus with the log window similar gold ear edge, looks very elegant.

Please be more patient when you are choosing a curtain

In the pursuit of high-quality, personalized decoration is no longer hard today, people’s choice, decorate the home textile products soft decoration wind into many families. But the problem is that many owners buy curtains are concerned about the problem, consumers from the general style and price, but experts remind us that the quality is the key.

Yesterday, someone told people that she encountered to buy fabric curtains during remodeling troubles. She said, she in a store made a cloth curtain in two weeks ago, but to get the goods after it was found that the cloth curtain is not only a three noes products, but also the most headaches is the pungent smell after installation.

beautiful curtains

According to Ms. Huang encountered situation, found in the city several large supermarkets and wholesale market, because most fabric curtains need to order, so there is no sign of the widespread commodity. The curtain material, ingredients and manufacturers are introduced by the sales staff. A sales staff said, in addition to the curtain fabric can do batch, final product according to customer needs for different purposes and different styles to customize, unless it is a regular brand stores, otherwise generally no trademark.

For her problems, to examine attention, immediately sent staff conducted a sample survey of the curtain shop. After inspection, the curtain cloth, there are some problems in the content of formaldehyde, tagging, dyeing, after washing the size change.

The new group to remind consumers, in the purchase of home textiles, cloth and other products, choice of materials and ingredients must be consistent, to avoid the trouble caused by different fiber properties; in addition, do not buy no manufacturer name, address and contact information of the three noes curtain products, mainly to keep sales receipts as evidence the quality of the rights, even if it is made, they should consult businesses to produce relevant product information.


Amazing shower curtains bring you peace

I believe most of the families have curtains? The curtains of the biggest effect is light, and keep the indoor privacy, we now see the most is the curtain when the curtain fabric.

Now, the shower curtain cloth art in addition to those already there should be requirements, decoration designers with an important function in the curtain, a part of which is as the home soft decoration is very important, so we in the choose and buy when the curtain should not only consider the function of the problem, should also be taken into account is that it decorative effect. To be practical, beautiful, fashionable, but also personality, people on the cloth curtain is hars.

With the spatial distribution of different style of fabric designers said that the choice of fabric curtains to different function rooms, the choice of colours and patterns of different curtain.

shower curtains

The living room is the reception guests, family resting place, recommendations for the selection of thin cloth with light color, light and strong, a solemn, simple and generous bright visual effect.The bedroom is a private space, and the bed unified consideration, choose the thick shade fabric material, yarn, curtain double, can create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Stylist thinks, not only to consider the choice of fabric and home decoration style, but also conform to the master’s age, personality. Different styles, the texture of the fabric, but also can adjust the family atmosphere.

The young master should not choose the color, style and old curtain cloth, older people should not use too shallow, color patterns too lively, too trendy style of fabric. Similarly, calm personality, like the quiet is not suitable for people to choose too warm, appears lively fabric.

Elaborate decoration of the house, will still leave some regret or defective, with the soft decoration to cover up the room beautiful these regrets or defect may play a role in.

If the room is not bright, can use cloth organization is relatively poor, the pattern of printed fabric geometry as the curtain, and at the same time, curtains and wall as far as possible, this can let the human vision more open.

If the room is a space, you can choose a soft, fluffy material, with light absorbing materials to decorate the floor, walls, and windows is a large selection of contrast material, or the use of bright color curtain, bedspread, which forms the sharp contrast with the floor and walls, to change the room empty, boring feeling.