Ideal Curtains With Black And White Plaid Pattern

As a city person, we always want to keep a quiet from the noisy–off the curtains and closed the door refusing bustle of the city and enjoy a quiet exclusive own. What you really need is a curtain with good blackout feature.

blackout curtains

Elegant Black and white plaid curtains  USD$79.99, save 40% off

This thick curtain has classical modern design, suit for bedroom and study and living room. The high quality make it be the best choice for your house.

It has classical white and black plaid pattern which looks very elegant and high-grade. Uniform square shaped plaid has fine opposite color to give you a noble mood.

It is used high end velvet fabric in the bottom part of the curtain with pumpkin beads for the waist line decoration. Stitching ratio is 2 to 1.Matt light fabric stitching is elegant and noble. Advanced three layers jacquard craft can avoid shedding problem.

This curtains has good blackout feature which can black out 85% sunlight. It is soft and has good drape so it can black out sunlight and reduce the noise, it also can be insulated.

Noble quality impeccable job attitude and serious and responsible make this curtain perfect for your house.

Light Green Curtains–Simple And Neat

In contemporary society, people suffered more and more busy work so that the pressure is bigger and bigger. When they finished the end of a hard day’s work then go back home, they are greeted by bright spots of green flavor which can bring people comfortable experience with fresh and natural style.

light green curtains

Beauteous Printed Star Apple green curtains USD$68.99, save 40% off

This light green curtains is the best choice for those office ladies and office men. It has simple design with rustic romantic style which is warm and sweet, comfortable and casual.


The star pattern with silver color looks shiny and fresh. Waiting for the waves of thoughts, there is no red purple street noise and no pollution of the world wind kitsch, but only has growing miss in static quiet.


This curtain used eco-friendly fabric with good blackout feature which can black out 80% sunlight to give you a quiet space.


The back is no pattern of satin blackout backing with three woven fabrics is more effectively to improve the blackout feature of curtains.


High-grade black silk shade fabric with full color printing is light and washable.

This light green curtains is elegant with exquisite craftsmanship and fine material is the enduring legend of the classic.

Flowing Sheer Curtain–Flexible Texture Around You

As the time goes by, summer day is coming soon. Some people don’t like summer because of the hot temperature outside and the too harsh light in the house. With this sheer curtain, you may relax without such worries any more. This is suit for summer and suit for you to have a cool and comfortable holiday at home.

sheer curtains

Modern Print sheer curtains USD$73.99, save 40% off

From the picture, we can see clearly that this sheer curtains is lightweight and breathable, very suit for hot days to filter the sunlight to protect your skin and furniture. As we all know, the UV is very strong in the summer and it is harm for our skin, so we need to reduce the damage of the UV. This curtain can not also filter the sunlight, but can also maintain the living room bright and have enough light to you.

Now, let’s take a look at the fabric of the sheer curtain. It is used high quality polyester and cotton blend fabric with romantic white color looks so fresh. White color is also called a cool color because people may feel cool when they are looking at this color. From this reason, we can say that white is the best choice for summer.

Then, let’s talk about the pattern of this curtain. Plaid pattern is modern and classical for curtains design, with simple and beautiful taste.

Don’t worry about the hot temperature any more. If you have this curtains, you can enjoy a cool summer with flowing sheer curtains to show flexible mood to you and your whole family.

Back To Nature, Back To Country Curtains

Can your curtains in your house breath? Nowadays, the fashion trend is to return to nature, with this trend, people prefer to choose some fresh curtains, especially choose the country curtains. They may feel romantic and delicate mood from these curtains to have a happy living space with their family. Today, for girls, back to nature is also means to hang a cute curtain in the bedroom.

nursery curtains

Girls Favorite polka dot curtains USD$76.99, save 40% off

For this curtain, we use high quality polyester fabric with advanced imported print craft. Usually, young girls like simple modern style for decoration which is the main popular style in the market, so it is important to choose a curtain.

The delicate polka dots pattern matching with different colors looks cute and fresh. These little dots pattern looks like the bubble which is from an open bottle of champagne sprayed out, giving it a very dynamic and playful sense of humor and passion. The whole tone is fresh and delicate, matching with the sophisticated print craft on which the color is clear of level and full of fidelity.

In the top part of the curtain there is full of lovely wood ear with red thread catcher, plus a silver ribbon as decoration which is all seemed fine and flawless life is supposed to be so beautiful.

I love the rich flavor of soft pink with a high-end fabric Obscure, and the dots together add romance so everything is no longer monotone, furthermore it adds a bit lively and close to the people.

The same fabric and stitching flounced three above understated silver inlaid three ribbons, how romantic delicate, rich layers of flouncing.

Do you like this delicate curtain? It is custom for you to show the sweet taste of you.

Fresh Nursery Curtains Give You A Cool Summer

In hot summer days, when you take the kids playing in the room, maybe you will be worried about whether strong sunlight affect the child’s visual development and the UV will bring harm to the skin of your child. Children need multiple protection, as parents we should give children a full range of protection. So you may like this nursery curtains with good insulated feature.

nursery curtains

Country Leaf Children nursery curtains USD$149.99, save 40% off

This insulated curtains used high quality polyester fabric which has insulated feature for summer while thermal feature for winter. Its UV rate up to of 99.8% which is effectively prevent UV to damage the skin of children. You can enjoy a cool summer days at home with your lovely kids without worrying about the UV damage. Why does this curtain have so good insulated feature? Because the back of the curtain has shiny aluminum wire which can be reflecting the principle of using light to block the intense radiant heat of the sun in order to achieve this insulation effect.


This curtain has fresh leaf pattern matching with several colors, such as pink, black and gray. The leaves are tenacious supporter of nature, a unique process leaves abstract and curtains combine to produce a strong natural flavor and it also can show the fashion grasp of the head.


From the picture, we can see clearly this curtain has good workmanship and strict quality control which suit for living room and bedroom with the warm and romantic mood to give you a comfortable living space.

Enjoy a cool summer, enjoy this fresh curtain. I believe that you must love it at the first sight.

Sheer Curtains Highlight The Elegant Gorgeous Texture

More and more ladies choose sheer curtains for the living room in order to have a bright and romantic space. Flowing sheer curtains is lightweight and it almost be the best choice for this reason. Today, I will introduce a kind of elegant curtain to you with this style.

sheer curtains
Gold Semi Sheer Curtains USD$34.99, save 40% off

When you are sitting in the living room, talking with your friends and enjoying the beautiful afternoon, the patterned sheer curtains can filtered sunlight to make the light so that the light becomes soft and non-glare. The wind is blowing, the curtains is flowing with the wind, how beautiful picture it is!

sheer curtains

This curtain is made of high quality yarn fabric with advanced cutting motif craft and embroidery craft looks romantic and rustic. Elegant geometric pattern matching with the perfect charming gold color which looks like sunlight is best choice for spring season.


From the picture, we can see clearly the embroidery craft has gold thread in it which looks noble and high end. With good advanced jacquard craft it has a little coarse when you are touching with your hands.


It suit for punching eyelet which is only for top construction it is called grommet top. Pay attention to this point.

If you want to buy this curtain, you can log in our website. ( )

Elegant Curtains Give You Graceful Life

In recently years, retro style is becoming popular again in many aspects. But the retro style can not match all the occasions, sometimes people may feel uncoordinated with this popular trend. So how to adjust it to be coordinated? We should combine the retro style perfectly with modern style, and make this two styles to be balanced. This blackout curtains would be your first choice.


Champagne Soundproof Room Dividing Curtains USD$55.99, save 40% off

From the picture, we can see clearly that this curtain has elegant design both for the color and the pattern. The champagne color is full of elegant and graceful texture looks thick and high end.


The thick curtains has good blackout curtains which can black out 85% sunlight which meet the requirement for most family. You can have a good sleep in your bedroom or enjoy a quiet afternoon in your living room with this curtain.


The bottom of the curtain has good craft and exquisite workmanship, matching with high quality polyester fabric.


High-grade embossed process of this curtain is perfect looks graceful. The fabric is presenting luxurious texture which is soft and solid feel even has drape full texture. No matter how many times the detail is enlarged , it can withstand sophisticated.


After high temperature pre-shrinking treatment which can reduce shrinkage and environmental woven fabrics, textile blackout good performance density, environmental health odor.

High end luxury curtains is fine for your heart to build, so that you become the master of the castle. You can log in our website to buy this product.

The key factor for curtains on sale

Now as long as people have a home, whether it is purchased or rented, there will be large and small windows in the house, and then people need all types of curtains to hanging. Why can the curtains have a good sale? Why are there a lot of people to buy the curtains? What function does curtains have?

Firstly, Protection of privacy. Whether it is a celebrity star or ordinary people, they do not like their every move is in the vision of someone else, and therefore if they have curtains they can protect their privacy, so it is easier to sell curtains.


Secondly, Use light to acoustic noise. Because the sound is a straight line, with the curtains we can weaken sound spread.

Third, for the decorative effect. With the curtains we will not bare all day looking at the windows, so it looks is warm.

For these features of curtains, modern curtains sale will become increasingly popular, more and more people choose their favorite variety of styles for various types of curtains to decorate their homes, then creating a warm romantic little house.

How to choose home curtains with star pattern?

Now, there are more and more types of curtains in the market, such as tropical pattern, peacock pattern, country floral pattern and so on. Of course, star pattern is one of them. So how to choose curtains for home? Which condition should we take as consideration? Why people prefer to choosing kids star curtains?


First, because the kids like this pattern. As we know, children prefer to different kinds of patterns about moon and stars. So the star patterned curtains can catch their attention and meet their favorite.

Second, star pattern is more simple but elegant for decoration, because it is one kind pattern which can not be very messy.

Third, for the subject of the Korea drama, which make people feeling close to the TV series.

In a word, no matter which factor effect you to choose a star curtain, please do not forget the feature of the curtains itself. Because the curtains is to blocking windows, while the pattern is not important. Only you take full advantage of all kinds of curtains, you can have a warm and happy family.

What style would be with lace curtain for home decoration

Curtain is an essential part for home decoration, for the whole room decoration, curtain is the most important part. Curtain fabric is very important, but some lace details should not miss when choosing curtain for home decor, for those lase details have an ice on cake achievement. Next we will share you some advantages of lace curtain. In other word, what style would be with lace curtain for home decoration?

Lace curtains itself has variety styles, like beaded ornaments which is appreciate to Roman curtain style for which is much solid in fabric. Passementeries ornaments makes Roman curtain look more cozy and elegant. decorative trimming with the same color tassels or and fringing has great decoration effect. Or some other tassels design in diagonal style.

lace curtain

If you prefer to simple modern style, you can choose the grommet top construction in design in the middle part or on the top side, Flat curtain without pleated detail decorate with an elegant valance which embellished with beaded ornaments. The panels are classic and elegant for home decoration.

In a word, different lace curtains have its own character. Knowing well what you need and your home style is to choose panels to decorate your home. For some lace curtain, during selection process, pay attention to the details additional to fabric curtain theme for home decor. Sometimes. details determine the final.

Depending On Different Usages To Choose Striped Curtain For Home Decoration

Some fall in love deeply with striped curtains for those who are decorate his room with striped decorations, one of them is striped curtain. Depending on different usages to striped curtains hang up in front different sizes windows.

First: For narrow but tall windows

How do we choose a striped curtain for some narrow but very tall windows?The best idea is some short style curtains for it is relatively large as far as possible above the window, in terms of length can choose some just over the windowsill.

striped curtain

Second:For short but wide windows

Long drapes can be used for some short but wide windows. Remember to the long curtain should be the one as simple as possible for short windows. It is better to choose the curtain printed with simple pattern for those wide but short windows.

All above aspects are mentioned here is depending on different usages to choose a right striped curtain for home decor. People can based on those which have mentioned above to purchase a curtain in the future.

Tips for discount shower curtain purchasing

5How to purchase a right shower curtain become an important thing what we concerned about in our life. Noe only because of the variety shower curtain styles in the market, but also cause of the bathroom is a place where is water and easy to breed of bacteria. Whereas the bathroom decoration and collocation are become very important thing that people pay close attention to.

Because of the bathroom is a small place first. Therefor, both too light and dark colors are not suitable for bathroom decoration with which make room look more smaller than before. The better suggestion is the brilliant color shower curtains.

shower curtains

Next do not pick up a discount shower curtain for your bathroom decoration even you are a person keep your room clean all the time. But it is difficult for you to keep every single place is clean for the small gap in the corner of the bathroom where easy to bread bacteria, especially when you are taking shower and the water splash into the gap.

As we all know even after a long time we take shower, the residue of sweltering pavement is still there in the bathroom, and water vapor in the air water the shower curtain that would not dry in some minutes. In order to keep shower curtain in a long time, please discard to the discount shower curtain for bathroom decoration.

How to choose a long shower curtain

When choosing a long shower curtain which should be matched with bathroom style. An elegant complex style is more suitable for the bathroom in order to add some beautiful touching.A lavish patterned is best choice.The white or simple decoration style better to match with splice curtain with which make a balance collocation.Vertical stripes or pleated strips shower curtains can effectively extend eye-catching of bathroom that make the original complex vision becomes concentrate unified.There are too many elements need to think about. So what we need to pay attention to when choosing a long curtain?

The first thing we need to notice when choosing a curtain is not to use more than three colors to be the main color for which is too complicated to make people uncomfortable.A large piece of background cloth with some small patterned are best choice. For long shower curtain, the bottom hem best to keep 2cm distance from the floor and the length of the shower curtain must be fit to be able to play the role of grace for your bathroom.

long shower curtain

In order to prevent long shower curtain too light to fly. Some ornaments can add to the bottom of the shower curtain enhance the drape effect.And there is better has retaining bar under the shower curtain to prevent the water.

New features of nautical curtains

Nautical curtains is a new style curtain.Some of them are made from canvas substrate material.The changing curtain market currently promote the curtain style increasing varieties styles one after another.There are many new styles come out accompanied with a number of new features curtains. Here we take a look at what new features a curtain contain except to the blackout and insulation properties in traditional,

In addition to a strong insulation feature, nautical curtain has sound absorbing and Dust-proof features. Currently,the contamination of the city is more prominent, no mater the noise or dust pollution is affecting people’s normal life. Unfortunately we have to open a window even the pollution is around us. How to prevent us form the noise or dust pollution is an urgent problem.A new thermal curtain come out and has an effective noise isolation performance and effective block the smoke, particulate matter, pollen and other small particles from entering the room, keeping the room fresh and clear.

Polka Dots Nautical Curtain

Another feature of nautical curtain is the beautiful and comfortable.Nautical curtain is often designed based on homeowner’s preferences or other other furniture so that they can match each other well and make a room have a great collocation.

Plaid curtains are really awesome when you use them in your rooms

Buy curtains in the plaid curtains as buyers so freely, also can not because he likes what kind of styles will buy, want to know, the hotel is a place with a very focused on privacy, even the curtains choose to do so, then hotel curtains to need to have the basic functions of which?

Function, privacy protection
No matter who do not want their privacy exposed to other people’s eyes, so all the settings in the hotel are required to have the function of protecting the privacy of customers.

Function two, the sound effect is better
Especially some hotel construction in the downtown or the near vicinity of the airport, the noisy miscellaneous voice will let the customer very disgusted, so hotel curtains also has sound insulation function, so even with the windows open, as long as the curtains, noise isolation in the outside and the customer to a clear and quiet world.

plaid curtains

Function three, decorative effect
Everyone needs to live in the environment is beautiful, even a night of the hotel is no exception. The decorative effect of hotel curtains really should not be underestimated, a gorgeous style curtains to let customers have the feeling of luxury, a warm curtains will allow customers to have a home feeling, and a romantic curtains will let customers have a fantastic feeling.

Function four, shading effectMany hotels are equipped with sea view room or rooms. The characteristics of these rooms is see very far, and almost all of them will have a large French window, can enjoy window scenery, but to enjoy the beauty of the remainder, the sun is also a problem. If there is no shade of the curtains, the room has been enough sunlight, it will look very hot, good winter, if it is summer, then the oven.

More about the hotel curtains, want to know friends may wish to and professionals to communicate, if you want to buy, it is recommended find a reputation of strong businesses buy, not only the quality is good, prices are also able to more favorable.