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Fancy Gold Floral Living Room Curtain

Gold Floral European Style Blackout Curtain : Save:80% off

Item ID: CTMAKT15040200533

TheGold Floral European Style Blackout Curtain is mainly designed to create a fancy and elegant environment. The gold color can show the master’s nobel and elegant character, so it is favored by many rich people or successful businessmen. People usually choose the fancy curtain to decorate the living room to crate a fancy and classic space for people who visit here.

brown floral vintage bedroom curtains

This fancy gold elegant curtain makes use of this nano-meter soundproof ring, which could reduce the noise when you pull the curtain. So it could keep the room quiet.

Gold Floral CurtainGold Floral Curtain

The fancy gold floral curtain make use of the embroidery craft.It is the bumpy pattern which is made by staggering the weft and wrap together. The embroidery craft makes the floral pattern more exqusite and vivid. The color of the floral pattern will not fade easily. So the whole fancy curtain becomes more elegant and pretty because of the jacquard flowers.

fancy gold curtain

This fancy gold floral curtain is made of polyester. The polyester fabric is easy to maintain and we don’t need to spend a lot time keeping it.The fabric is thick, which could insulate the heat and protect our privacy, people can’t see us through the window from the outside. So we could feel safe with this curtain.



Simple red plaid country curtains

Simple red plaid country curtain

Simple red plaid country curtains: Save:40% off


The simple red plaid country curtain is mainly designed to go well with the modern indoor furnishing and give people a warm and elegant environment. The elegant curtain combines red and yellow together, so it can show the owner’s reliable and modest character. Besides, the plaid pattern can make the room more dynamic and chic. People usually choose the curtain to decorate the bedroom or the living room and so on.

nano-meter soundproof ring

The simple red plaid curtain takes advantage of the nano-meter soundproof ring, so it can reduce the noise when people pull on the curtain. The color of the ring is various, so people can choose the color according to the main color of the room or your taste.

color knitting technology

The simple red striped curtain takes advantage of color knitting technology. Firstly we need to dye the yarn or filament , and then we make use of these yarn to weave. There are many advantages of these color knitting technology, it’s eco-friendly, crease-proof and non-fading.

The simple red plaid country curtain

The simple red striped curtain is made of linen and cotton, so it’s easy to wash and maintain.This red curtain is not very thick, so it could allow some light come into the room, at the same time , it still could protect your privacy.The color of the curtain is a little dark, so you’d better to hang it in winter or fall, as it’s the great color for these two seasons.The linen and cotton simple curtain can also block the light and give people a comfortable environment.



Freshing Baby Blue Color Make Curtain Suit For Boys

Give the baby to create a dream paradise, from curtains to choose a healthy start for children.


Nursery room curtains of Tree PatternsUSD$89.99, save 40% off

Every child is an angle, bring happiness to us. Trolltech and innocence full of gorgeous colors with cartoon pattern corresponding to accompany the children spent a happy every day.

Double-sided printing and dyeing process design environmental activity, negative as exciting. Pros and cons of curtains can be used.

Use a comfortable active printing and dyeing fabrics, delicate texture, shading is good, not easy to fade, good care of the children’s health.

Curtain head design can make a variety of forms, you can select the style you want on the page.

Chic Kids Curtain Give You A Good Dream

All home decoration must not be separated from curtains, curtain cloth, we can see through the beauty of the outside, it is like a beautiful coat, to add luster decoration.

Kids Bedroom Castle blackout curtainsUSD$79.99, save 40% off

Castle in Europe vaguely yarn through now, and add three-dimensional sense of mystery. As if a gust of wind blowing, you can tell us the story of the castle. Curtains overall elegant, excellent detail.

The curtain used thick polyester and cotton blend fabric with good print craft looks so beautiful. The fabric is thick enough to have good blackout feature.

The beautiful castel pattern in blue color matching with beige base color looks so beautiful. It can give you a fantastic dream.

The curtain has a curtain tie back in same color and pattern as the curtain.

White Color Is Suitable For Summer Curtain

The hot summer sun is very harsh, and the indoor temperature is higher. We need to choose a light-colored curtains to filter the sun, but also to ensure adequate lighting. White curtains is the best choice.

Solid Privacy sheer curtainsUSD$79.99, save 40% off

This curtain is suit for summer season hanging in your living room. From the picture we can see clearly the sunlight through the white curtain turn soft.


The curtain used linen and cotton blend fabric which is lightweight and breathable for using. The quality is so great.

The curtain has good flowing drape and the color is pure. With solid pattern this curtain looks modern and fashion.

The curtain has beutiful tie back tassel with delivery.

Pink Color Is Beat Color For Girls Curtains

Pink is the color of romance, pink is a girl’s feelings. For the girl’s bedroom, the pink color is the best. Choose a pink bedroom curtains can instantly improve the entire soft feeling.

pink curtains with floral patternsUSD$69.99, save 40% off

This curtain looks very beautiful. It is very suit for girls bedroom. The curtain is all-matched for all rooms.

The curtain used thick polyester and cotton blend fabric we can seel clearly from the picture. The beautiful floral pattern looks delicate.

The curtain has sweet pink color as base color, this color is very popular for young girls.

The tie back is included. It has same color and pattern as the curtain.

The workmanship of this curtain is so great.

Gray Color Make Curtain More Elegant

Gray, wild colors, its popularity and its functionality as powerful. It sometimes tender, sometimes quiet, sometimes dreamy.

Japanese Style Grey Living Room CurtainUSD$69.99, save 40% off

This gray curtains with you to enjoy a leisurely slow life. Slow pace of progress, looking for a pure land for their own heart.

This curtain has good quality during process. It used polyester and cotton blend fabric, has gray color looks great.

It can filter sunlight to protect your skin. You also can add lining to reach good blackout feature.

This curtain has good drapes and the workmanship is so good. We can see clearly from the picture.

Solid Pattern Curtain Is Simple

Preferably with a modern style, family, almost all materials, all colors can be chosen. Solid color fabric aside tedious Minimalism style curtains more suitable for modern young people.

Casual Solid Color Linen curtainsUSD$89.99, save 40% off

The curtain has simple design with solid pattern looks beautiful. Coffee color is an elegant color for bedroom and living room.

The curtain used cotton and linen blend fabric which is environmental for health. It has good workmanship.

This curtain has good drapes and the tassel is not included. You can buy tassel on our website.

The curtain is thick to blackout 60% sunlight. As the picture shown, you can see the blackout effect.

Elegant Floral Curtain With Shabby Chic Style

Romantic piled into the fortress of love, fairy tale happy ending always makes sense of longing. Choose this shabby chic curtain can meet your dream.

Beautiful Pink Color Floral CurtainUSD$129.99, save 40% off

This curtain used 70% cotton and 30% polyester blend fabric which is thick to have good room darkening feature. Such fabric is comfortable for using and is easy to wash.

The fabric is thick and the drape is well. Soft and delicate, curtain material using light, color, not faded.

The curtain has fine workmanship. The back side has 5cm length.

The heading has beautiful striped pattern as decoration. The pink color looks very delicate.

The floral pattern make this curtain so romantic.

Embroidery Sheer Curtain For Living Room

Curtains plays an important role in the home modifications which, the first feeling is perhaps the door curtain brings the impression that each one has its own characteristics curtains, decoration curtains we should want to curtain style into the overall design.

sheer curtains with embroidered patternsUSD$79.99, save 40% off

This curtain has very elegant design, no matter the color or the pattern for this curtain is great. The light fabric suit for hanging in the living room window.

The sheer curtain used good yarn fabric which is light and breathable for using. It can filter sunlight to protect your skin. With beautiful embroidery craft the floral pattern is realistic.

If you want the beautiful lace tieback, you can contact our customer service.

The buttom part of the curtain has yellow embroidery lace looks so beautiful.

Modern Style Suit For Modern Young People

Preferably with a modern style, family, almost all materials, all colors can be chosen. Solid color fabric aside tedious Minimalism style curtains more suitable for modern young people.

Light green drapes and curtainsUSD$119.99, save 40% off

This curtain has solid pattern in modern style. This design is very good and suit for young people. It brings simple life to your home.

The heading of the curtain has beige ruffled decoration looks very elegant. Both beige and blue color is graceful color.

The curtain used polyester and cotton blend fabric which is thick and has good quality. The bandage in same color as the curtain is included.

The curtain has good drape and can black out 70% sunlight to give you a quiet space to have good rest.

Elegant Life, Taste Life

From refined and elegant life attitude, life orientation guide us. Choose an elegant curtains, you can bring sunny mood.

Polyester/Linen Blend Modern CurtainUSD$129.99, save 40% off

This curtain has very elegant design to show a graceful picture to you. With beautiful pattern and color to match, the curtain is a good choice for your living room and bedroom.

Thick polyester fabric of the curtain has good quality and advanced jacquard craft. The curtain has good design.

The back side of the curtain also has same pattern in brown color. The fine workmanship of the curtain can give you best quality.

Look at the curtain, it has good drape and the floral pattern in brown color looks so beautiful.

Blackout Curtain In Sky Blue Color

Curtain, which separated from the hubbub of the city, for us to create a warm and comfortable environment. As curtains, the basic role is the role of the shading and privacy.

Nice Blue window curtains clearanceUSD$99.99, save 40% off

This blackout curtain has very pure baby blue color, looks very beautiful. The curtain has good blackout feature suit to protect your privacy and give you a good rest space.

Feel thick shade cloth, such as satin smooth feel comfortable, highly aesthetic, drape well.

Superb bronzing process, so that with the star point pattern curtains like a vast sky as full of charm, giving the feeling of quiet, is home to add a bit exotic.

Physical shade cloth, intermediate containing black silk sandwich, heat shrinking process, not shrink do not fade. It has fine workmanship.

Embroidery Curtain Full Of Elegant Texture

If you want your home to become different, then try to purchase a classical-style curtains. With the use of tricks to make the whole room showing a different style.

Pretty and luxury curtains onlineUSD$159.99, save 40% off

The curtain into the modern design style, with rich classical style, creating a perfect deep feelings of European classical and romantic.

Abstract pattern with gold cloth perfect combination, simple processing qualities make the curtain accentuates the original.

Smart and elegant curtain head design, so that the whole curtain looks magnificent. But the heading of the curtain is not included. If you want to buy the heading, you should contact our customer service.

This curtain has good drapes and the buttom part of the curtain has embroidery floral pattern with lace decoration.

The sheer curtain is not included. But it has same color and pattern with the curtain. You can buy it in our website.

Chenille Fabric Suit For Making Living Room

CurtainCurtain fabric into cotton, linen, chenille, chenille curtains which belongs to a relatively high-end curtain fabric in life, is very popular.

Floral Pattern Curtain Living RoomUSD$119.99, save 40% off

This curtain is suitable for hanging in the living room because it has elegant design. And the curtain is thick to black out 80% sunlight for you to have a good rest at home.

Fresh floral sheer mixed with green chenille fabric to decorate the heading of the curtain. This design looks romantic and beautiful.

Delivery with beautiful bandage in beige color as same as the curtain. And the curtain has good drapes.

Matching with beautiful sheer curtain which has floral pattern and white color looks pure.