Stimulate creativity with Purple curtains and feel energized

Curtain colors play a vital role in energizing your house rooms. Each color has it importance and choosing curtains based on colors ensure energy in the rooms. Choosing pink and green indicate inviting love and so look appropriate as bedroom curtains. Having red color curtains in the dining area keeps your guest and you excited and energized.

The kitchens and playrooms need a refreshing effect to feel energized and so colors such as yellow and orange, look great. The green color curtains also offer a calming and soothing effect in the living room. Choosing purple curtains signifies the opulence and it also suits spiritual rooms.

purple curtains

Having purple curtains means there is a need to have other stuffs also in that color. This is because the color is cheerful and bright that it makes a good base color even for your bathroom. There are many options and needs you to just start. Choosing purple as single color may be very strong, so best is to match it with light contrast colors such as white, beige or light blue.

Consider buying purple curtains for your shower and add a splash of color. Purchase the curtains in prints or stripes or even with a combination of two or more colors. This will keep you away from having one color and you can also match other accessories in your home accordingly.

A purple color shower curtain featuring pink and yellow stripes may seem strange to work with. But if you add a pink color trash matching the curtain pink shade, it will go perfect. You can also have towels in yellow color to look nice. Have combination of yellow and pink in the soap case, glass, toothbrush holder or the bath mirror. Enjoy the key color scheme and build up the decoration of your bathroom.