Horizontal Striped Curtains- Offer Attractive Of Extended Space

Curtains are necessary for every family. It is important and practice decorations for indoor interior to help add some patterns or colors for home. About curtain types, it should better be harmony with house style and other decorations in home. People sometimes will feel difficult to find the most suitable curtains for house. But we think horizontal striped curtain is a good choice for home.

Compared with vertical stripes, horizontal stripes can give people more visual feeling. It depends on some factors. Including house and building designs. Real stripes sometimes will deceive your eyes. When you start to decorate your home, you’d better find professional designer to help you find suitable curtain designs.

horizontal striped curtains

Short and long horizontal striped curtains

Curtains with short and long horizontal strips pattern can make ceiling look higher and wall looks longer. It can give people space extended feeling.

Formal or relaxing space

If you want to get a relaxing and comfortable space, you can choose horizontal striped curtains to decorate house. This design of curtain also is modern and fashion. At another side, horizontal striped curtains not only can be used to decorate family, but also can be used in formal occasion. It can bring classic and traditional feeling.

About color of horizontal striped curtains, different color can bring different effect. For house, we recommend you choose bright and warm color, choose wide strips so that can make whole space look lively and warm. Also wide strips can make your house look larger.