Simple red plaid country curtains

Simple red plaid country curtain

Simple red plaid country curtains: Save:40% off


The simple red plaid country curtain is mainly designed to go well with the modern indoor furnishing and give people a warm and elegant environment. The elegant curtain combines red and yellow together, so it can show the owner’s reliable and modest character. Besides, the plaid pattern can make the room more dynamic and chic. People usually choose the curtain to decorate the bedroom or the living room and so on.

nano-meter soundproof ring

The simple red plaid curtain takes advantage of the nano-meter soundproof ring, so it can reduce the noise when people pull on the curtain. The color of the ring is various, so people can choose the color according to the main color of the room or your taste.

color knitting technology

The simple red striped curtain takes advantage of color knitting technology. Firstly we need to dye the yarn or filament , and then we make use of these yarn to weave. There are many advantages of these color knitting technology, it’s eco-friendly, crease-proof and non-fading.

The simple red plaid country curtain

The simple red striped curtain is made of linen and cotton, so it’s easy to wash and maintain.This red curtain is not very thick, so it could allow some light come into the room, at the same time , it still could protect your privacy.The color of the curtain is a little dark, so you’d better to hang it in winter or fall, as it’s the great color for these two seasons.The linen and cotton simple curtain can also block the light and give people a comfortable environment.