Functional and Decorative Curtains

Nobody can make everything perfect even we wish we can do that. There still has some defects even we have done our best to decorate our house. To solve this problem, decors are necessary to cover the back draw to complete the beauty of entire look of the room.

Room where there is short on light, geometrical curtains in loose weave structure re best idea to decorate such kind room, remember ensure curtain pattern can go with the wall in the room to make room more wider in visual.

If there is very large room in the house, pleated or ruffled decors are great to decorate the room. Finished entire look of the room with light absorption floor and wall painting.

Contrast color window treatment to emphasize the big window and outstanding its important role in the room. Bright color curtain panels, bedding sets sharply contrast to the floor to turn the empty monotonous room to richness.

Curtain In What Color Suit For Hotel Occasion?

Lavender Color Romantic Style

Curtains used for hotel occasion is an important part to highlight the overall looking of the room, so curtain in what color is best for hotel occasion? In this content we are going to share you three styles, they are modern Chinese style, luxury style and natural chic.

Modern Chinese style better the cotton or linen curtains for they are very thick in dark color coupled with traditional patterns or some other items in warm color printed with stripe pattern.

The luxury style is the curtains made of polyester, blend fabric and silk material with glossy surface shiny and smooth appearance.

Both color and pattern are usually in white and black combination.

Natural metropolitan style curtains better using polyester and blend fabrics have good drape quality printed with simple pattern. They are purely in color elegant to look at when suing for interiors. (Geometric Pattern Curtains)