Chic Kids Curtain Give You A Good Dream

All home decoration must not be separated from curtains, curtain cloth, we can see through the beauty of the outside, it is like a beautiful coat, to add luster decoration.

Kids Bedroom Castle blackout curtainsUSD$79.99, save 40% off

Castle in Europe vaguely yarn through now, and add three-dimensional sense of mystery. As if a gust of wind blowing, you can tell us the story of the castle. Curtains overall elegant, excellent detail.

The curtain used thick polyester and cotton blend fabric with good print craft looks so beautiful. The fabric is thick enough to have good blackout feature.

The beautiful castel pattern in blue color matching with beige base color looks so beautiful. It can give you a fantastic dream.

The curtain has a curtain tie back in same color and pattern as the curtain.