Pure Baby Blue Color Sheer Curtain

Curtains is a family living atmosphere adjusting agent, accompanied with the curtains of screens not only add to the room a soft, warm chime, romantic atmosphere, and most of the lighting soft, breathable ventilation characteristics, it can regulate your mood.

Light blue sheer curtainsUSD$129.99, save 40% off

This curtain has light blue color looks like sunny sky. The beautiful curtain is light and breathable. It can give you good happy mood for your living room.

100% polyester fabric has good quality. The fabric has good UV protection feature which can protect your skin. It is suitable for hanging in the living room.

In hot summer days, hanging this sheer curtain can bring a cool air to your room. With cool color it make you feel cool.

This sheer curtain has fine workmanship and the drapes of the sheer is so great.