How to choose curtains to make them to be suitable for your home decoration

1.Curtains collocate with other cloth art

Good collocation can give you unique visual effect and create warm atmosphere, so you can use similar fabrics to make curtains, sofa, bedspread and cushion. In terms of the patterns, you can choose plaid patterns or abstract patterns, and single color can also be okay. In addition, you can choose different patterns with the same color, and can make your home look more different and can be harmonious.

Burgundy Color Contemporary Sheer curtains

2.Curtains you choose should be based on your interior decoration

You can choose suitable colors according to the color of the wall, floor and furniture. If color of your wall is dark, you can choose curtains with light color and if your wall color is light, you can choose dark curtains. Besides, if your walls are complicated, you should choose those curtains with simple patterns; if colors of your furniture are light and simple, you can choose colorful curtains or bright color curtains; if colors of your furniture are light and have unique designs, you can choose simple pattern curtains or slight color curtains.(

Colors can be divided into warm color, cool color, medium color, so curtains you choose should be suitable for your home decoration and have similar colors with your floor.