Owl Curtain Suit For Kids Room

Children’s room is best to choose pastel, childlike curtains. Pattern children’s room curtains, children starting from the heart, you can choose some cartoon images.

owl curtain

Owl Patterned Printing Nice Kids curtainsUSD$89.99, save 40% off

Owl stiff look always gives sprout lovely feeling. Under the designer’s hands, the curtain cute owl became a landscape, irresistible

This curtain used 60% linen and 40% cotton blend fabric with good print craft. The realistic owl pattern matching with different color looks so cute.

The beige base color of this curtain is very simple and natural. This curtain can give kids a quiet space to study or rest.

The lovely cartoon owl pattern which is colorful has chic design, the big owl in the middle of the curtain, and matching with full small owl pattern in the full curtain.