Lavender Curtain Bring You To Provence

If we can find a peace of mind, then, where we can find in Provence, where are the Provence. So you can choose this lavender curtain which can take you to Provence.

lavender curtain

Lavender Printed Living Room CurtainUSD$113.99, save 40% off

The whole curtain bars inlaid silver, looking in the sunlight, with shading delivered, the back is not a single solid color which two-sided is all very nice.

The thick polyester fabric with fine workmanship can give you a quiet space to have a good sleep. You can enjoy romantic French life in your living with this curtain.

The exquisite workmanship, neat alignment side. From an enlarged detail view, we can clearly see the gleaming silver thread.

The beautiful bandage in same color with the curtain is not included. You need to pay for it. If you want this bandage, you can contact our customer service.