Fresh Green Curtain Let You In Spring

Red orange yellow green blue purple, the colors richer life, life will feel happy filling. Home life, too. Colorful curtains moment you into another mood. Pastoral style cloth curtain, lush green will make summer window becomes ordinary.

green curtain

Yellow Embroidery Curtain For Living RoomUSD$109.99, save 40% off

The fresh and soft green color matching with comfortable chenille fabric and colorful towel embroidery craft to show the fine and beauty of the curtain. It is very suit for living room, bedroom and dining room.

Chenille fabric gives textile fabrics of solid feel, with advantages such as soft feeling, suede fullness and good drape. Using three-dimensional embroidered towels, embroidered solid color fresh and natural, washable and can wear light.

The fresh green color matching with leaf pattern in dark green and blue color is full of nature texture. It is like in the early spring forest to enjoy the beautiful view.

Fresh, romantic but not flashy, giving a fresh feeling of nature.

Exquisite workmanship, fine details of the deal, the sides trace level.