Cute Bedroom Striped Curtain

Stripes starting with the pointed animals grain loading lines, developed later, stripes are used in various fields, especially in the home, the apparel industry, the plastic surface or internal defects present in a linear streak. And stripes is undoubtedly one of the strongest fashion circles vitality elements, and horizontal stripes and vertical stripes of the effect is not the same.

Multi-color Girls Bedroom CurtainsUSD$149.99, save 40% off

This curtain has horizontal striped pattern with three colors: purple, pink and white. For long narrow room, you can choose a lateral line pattern curtains, so the room fattening.

The beautiful curtain has three color splice together. One is pink, second is white, and third is purple. These three colors mixed together to show the full delicate texture.

The perfect drapes of the curtain high light the whole room. Thick fabric can blackout almost 80% sunlight to give you a quiet space to have good sleep.

Matching with beautiful white sheer curtain which has pink floral pattern. If you want to buy the sheer, you can contact us.