Gold Sheer Curtain–Best Luxury Style

Some people prefer plain sheer curtains, like the kind of hazy beauty. However, if only as a decoration or spacing between the living and dining rooms, plain sheer curtains are not appropriate. To this function, I want to introduce this gold sheer curtain to you.

sheer curtain

Gold sheer curtains with retro patternsUSD$91.399, save 40% off

Shining golden dancing in the wind, bright colors and light poured out, everyone has a golden castle, which the scenery is so beautiful, carrying our vision and expectations.

This sheer curtain used polyester fabric which is soft and shiny. Matching with jacquard craft looks most elegant and graceful.

Fine gold thread weaving neat gentle vine pattern, transfer the gold yarn. After staining Jianhua, structured, vibrant, three-dimensional sense, shining retro fashion gloss.

Laos side edge treatment, the more aesthetic and rear curtain hanging drape, bottom may need to adjust the length according to room height.