Pink Purple Curtain Is Interpretation Of Romantic Innocence

Bathed in the afternoon sun, looked so lush tranquility, I could not stop. With beautiful scenery, looks very comfortable. Choose pink purple curtain to be interpretation of romantic innocence.

pink purple curtain

Pink Purple Living Room Flower curtainsUSD$65.99, save 40% off

Romantic and fresh flowers, with the active printing process making flowers vivid, long-lasting color and beautiful. Looming elegant flowers, elegant ease. To ordinary fabric adds a touch of charm, good gloss, smooth texture to be highlighting the quality.

The good polyester and cotton blend fabric is environmental and healthy which is comfortable and has high texture density, looks environmentally friendly fabrics without formaldehyde, the use of confidence.

Delicate and exquisite workmanship from the professional team. Punch processing fold uniform configuration of high-quality silent grommet, light wear and use of long-lasting, pulling smooth and easy washable.

Soft and delicate curtains, high-precision, gentle wind, silky texture, drape very good, elegant mellow mood brought to the room a romantic atmosphere.

Beautiful bandage is included in same color of the curtain.

The good drapes looks beautiful and elegant.