Curtain Small Details Can Make A Large Space Change

When you’re in a bad mood, you want to change your mood, the easiest way is to change home layout. Curtains, connecting home and outside the bridge, another curtain, for parts mood.

floral curtain

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This curtain looks full of rustic texture. We seem to see the nature of life bursting out bright light in the moment, but also to see the nature of life fade away in the moment of leaving the endless miss.

Beautiful floral pattern looks elegant and graceful. The brown and beige color light up the whole home color. In their own space, warm light scattered feet, a cup of coffee and enjoy a pleasant.

The beautiful bandage can use for both side with different pattern. One is floral pattern and the other is plaid pattern looks very chic.

This floral pattern can change the whole style of home. No matter in the study, living room, kids room or bedroom, it will become the highlight of the whole space and can make the space vivid and lively.

The thick linen and cotton fabric which is most breathable and comfortable for hanging. It has good print craft. And it can wash.