Collocation points for black curtains

Most people know black has good blackout effect, especially in summer, sunshine is intense, choose a kind of black curtains can have better blackout effect so that can not affect people normal life and work. Due to the function of black curtains, it become more and more popular. At the same time, black curtains are soundproof.


Black curtains have various styles. Curtains color is black, but design style is changeless so that can meet different customer requirement. Some people like to use character collocate with black curtains, some people like to use some other colors collocate with black curtains, it is colorful and have good vision.

How to collocate black curtains so that can look more beautiful? First, you should try best to choose black background with white flower. White collocate with black can have obvious effect, it can show active and simple. If you do not satisfied with this kind of collocation, you can collocate with other colors.