What occasion is good to use polka dot curtain for decor?

Some people are prefer to polka dot curtain for home decoration. There are all items in home are pattern with polka dots. Does polka dot perfect for every where for decoration? The answer should be No. So let us learn together here to see what occasion is good to use polka dot curtain for decor.


First: living room can be used polka dot curtain
Living room is the place where we see first when we entrance a house. Living room should bright as much as it can for where is the first place to see and people stay at most. Simple elegance curtains are best for living room.

Second: polka dot curtain good for bedroom
Curtain is important as the furniture in bedroom to create a personal place. Bedroom is a place where people take rest without any pressure, curtain color better choose warm sweet color sample. Polka dot pattern is a better choice for it is fresh design idea to create a lively and relaxed room environment.

Third: polka dot curtains are good for study room
Take care for study room’ s curtain selection. After a long time study, you might feel tired both the eyes and physical, green curtain or violet curtain hanging up in study room can help you relax yourselves. The best choice would be polka dot curtain. Light green color curtain would be best in order to provide people cozy place.

It can be said curtain is an important part for interior decor. A better curtain make room look more brighter. There are many suggestions for curtain selection. But in fact just follow your mind and choose what you like, reference to what we mention above to choose a right curtain for your home decor.

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