Fresh Nursery Curtains Give You A Cool Summer

In hot summer days, when you take the kids playing in the room, maybe you will be worried about whether strong sunlight affect the child’s visual development and the UV will bring harm to the skin of your child. Children need multiple protection, as parents we should give children a full range of protection. So you may like this nursery curtains with good insulated feature.

nursery curtains

Country Leaf Children nursery curtains USD$149.99, save 40% off

This insulated curtains used high quality polyester fabric which has insulated feature for summer while thermal feature for winter. Its UV rate up to of 99.8% which is effectively prevent UV to damage the skin of children. You can enjoy a cool summer days at home with your lovely kids without worrying about the UV damage. Why does this curtain have so good insulated feature? Because the back of the curtain has shiny aluminum wire which can be reflecting the principle of using light to block the intense radiant heat of the sun in order to achieve this insulation effect.


This curtain has fresh leaf pattern matching with several colors, such as pink, black and gray. The leaves are tenacious supporter of nature, a unique process leaves abstract and curtains combine to produce a strong natural flavor and it also can show the fashion grasp of the head.


From the picture, we can see clearly this curtain has good workmanship and strict quality control which suit for living room and bedroom with the warm and romantic mood to give you a comfortable living space.

Enjoy a cool summer, enjoy this fresh curtain. I believe that you must love it at the first sight.

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