Depending On Different Usages To Choose Striped Curtain For Home Decoration

Some fall in love deeply with striped curtains for those who are decorate his room with striped decorations, one of them is striped curtain. Depending on different usages to striped curtains hang up in front different sizes windows.

First: For narrow but tall windows

How do we choose a striped curtain for some narrow but very tall windows?The best idea is some short style curtains for it is relatively large as far as possible above the window, in terms of length can choose some just over the windowsill.

striped curtain

Second:For short but wide windows

Long drapes can be used for some short but wide windows. Remember to the long curtain should be the one as simple as possible for short windows. It is better to choose the curtain printed with simple pattern for those wide but short windows.

All above aspects are mentioned here is depending on different usages to choose a right striped curtain for home decor. People can based on those which have mentioned above to purchase a curtain in the future.

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