How to choose a long shower curtain

When choosing a long shower curtain which should be matched with bathroom style. An elegant complex style is more suitable for the bathroom in order to add some beautiful touching.A lavish patterned is best choice.The white or simple decoration style better to match with splice curtain with which make a balance collocation.Vertical stripes or pleated strips shower curtains can effectively extend eye-catching of bathroom that make the original complex vision becomes concentrate unified.There are too many elements need to think about. So what we need to pay attention to when choosing a long curtain?

The first thing we need to notice when choosing a curtain is not to use more than three colors to be the main color for which is too complicated to make people uncomfortable.A large piece of background cloth with some small patterned are best choice. For long shower curtain, the bottom hem best to keep 2cm distance from the floor and the length of the shower curtain must be fit to be able to play the role of grace for your bathroom.

long shower curtain

In order to prevent long shower curtain too light to fly. Some ornaments can add to the bottom of the shower curtain enhance the drape effect.And there is better has retaining bar under the shower curtain to prevent the water.

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