New features of nautical curtains

Nautical curtains is a new style curtain.Some of them are made from canvas substrate material.The changing curtain market currently promote the curtain style increasing varieties styles one after another.There are many new styles come out accompanied with a number of new features curtains. Here we take a look at what new features a curtain contain except to the blackout and insulation properties in traditional,

In addition to a strong insulation feature, nautical curtain has sound absorbing and Dust-proof features. Currently,the contamination of the city is more prominent, no mater the noise or dust pollution is affecting people’s normal life. Unfortunately we have to open a window even the pollution is around us. How to prevent us form the noise or dust pollution is an urgent problem.A new thermal curtain come out and has an effective noise isolation performance and effective block the smoke, particulate matter, pollen and other small particles from entering the room, keeping the room fresh and clear.

Polka Dots Nautical Curtain

Another feature of nautical curtain is the beautiful and comfortable.Nautical curtain is often designed based on homeowner’s preferences or other other furniture so that they can match each other well and make a room have a great collocation.

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