Nursery curtains are very popular these days

For the healthy growth of the child, whether home or kindergarten school, in the decoration will consider the impact of the child, especially in the choice of nursery curtains more obvious. According to the survey data show, percent of the more than 80 kindergarten because choose a suitable curtains, the lovely and lively children not only in the park, but also very smart, then how to use nursery curtains to create a perfect world for children?

First, the location of the room, some room faces east of sunshine is enough, some South, the sun is also true, whether towards where, should consider the sunlight irradiation, if the exposure time is long, then the best option shading and better. Only in this way can sunlight sheltered me, and as for the morning and afternoon sunshine, nature is left for the children.

nursery curtains

Next, the pattern and material of the curtain. For children, it is best to choose cotton like curtains, the curtains and comfortable, and looks very good, feels soft, conducive to the child’s growth, as for the pattern can choose cute cartoon type, also can choose flowers, green type, according to the style of the park, choose suitable can be.

Third, the color of the nursery curtains, nursery curtains the color it is best to choose a bit more gorgeous, after all, the small child, the color is sensitive to the time, gorgeous curtain can not only win the children’s favorite, also can to the indoor bring very good decorative effect.

Above is the choice of nursery curtains need to pay attention to three aspects, for the future of the motherland, both who will give great concern, and are closely related to children’s growth and around them anything, don’t to save money and the choice of some of the poor quality of the curtain, you know, some curtains although it looks very nice, but formaldehyde standard, for children to contact a long time people are not good.

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