Beautiful amazing cool curtains can decorate your room well

Many people want to use the cool curtains to cut off the heat from the outside world, can enjoy the natural light effect, this can do? This is called the heat shield but not the function of the cool curtain, with it, during the day and work in the office, do not need to open the fluorescent lamp, but also an environmentally friendly products. Suitable for use in home office and office building.

Want to block the cool curtain, cool curtain outside light, and can enjoy the outdoor pure natural air, then to choose a breathable shade, it can both shading and ventilation, but heat insulation effect cannot ask. If you are afraid of the window desk work tanned, again afraid furniture is basked in to get out trend, they need to buy block ultraviolet a relatively high degree of functional cool curtain, like this to the indoor played as a sunshade.

cool curtains
This summer, temperatures are higher, the sun often violent lets a person cannot resist, the home market, the functional cool curtain began to become the mainstream consumer, can be described as being at heat in all directions. First, the function of the cool curtain, is in the evening to block the outside and indoor, to sleep to create a relatively quiet and dark environment. In the summer, it will become more of the hot sun and shade.

People will buy cheaper prices of shade cloth, making summer in the shade, cheap shade cloth are generally pearl powder coating material products, a colorful pattern, silver side shading coating, and is single free pattern. The price is cheap, mainly through the pearl coating, to reflect sunlight, shading to reach. Has a certain degree of heat insulation, but its coating is powder glue, smell, and not breathable, will let indoor air plug. At the time of purchase, the first news about Is it right? Smell is very heavy, easy to fall Is it right? Powder. If the smell is very strong, it is recommended not to buy, long-term indoor life in this shade, will lead to dust too, rhinitis, asthma, etc.

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