Amazing curtain styles can make your room much more elegant

Curtains are essential to our decoration of a household ornaments. When consumers buy curtains, they will often buy things through often their renovation experience. While, actually buying curtains has a certain skill, requirement of different rooms is different. Curtain styles are very important.

1. Good at irregular room use track

Special window in the residential more common, such as circular arc, the installation of curtains inconvenient. Thanks to a flexible track design, can make the shape of the curtain was leaning against the window, to achieve seamless, opening and closing are very easy.

curtain styles

2. The window depends on the orientation of cloth thickness

When choosing fabrics, must take into account the direction of their own window. The windows facing south, daylight is good, gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth is appropriate. North of the room, often cold and gray, should choose warm color and some heavier curtains, increasing the temperature. If there is a window in the east or west, the shade is the most important application of the curtain.. The shade of the shade can cover the glare, but also keep the indoor brightness, make full use of natural light to illuminate the room.

3. The all-match flat open the curtains

Flat open the curtain is one of the most common style. Simple, free of any decoration, size, suspension and lift can be applied to most windows. According to the width of the window, the curtain design for side pull and bilateral pull, general boundaries for reference to 1.5 meters. Lift the curtain can be lift or side to side, form a gentle arc, manufacturing good decorative effect, also can freely mix strap accessories.

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