FEATURES & OCCASIONS are important elements of curtains

In the design of the bar, the curtain is very important, but bar design is not only comfortable enough, because of the particularity of the bar, in the decoration of the bar we should pay attention to the effect of the noise. In fact, if the sound insulation effect, the curtain is the best, how in the decoration to buy curtains?? together and see it! In order to give you a different bar consumption space, to make the bar scene is more beautiful, many bars in decorative design with a curtain to be decorated. Then the bar decoration design need to pay attention to is in the choice of the curtains need and wall color harmony, pay attention to the direction of the pattern on the curtain, avoid upside down, the aesthetic impact.

The FEATURES & OCCASIONS of curtains in the bar decoration design careful design choices can make insipid bar interior decoration become has the individuality. It is in a certain extent curtain reflecting the accomplishment of a person in the culture and art. Usually the saloon bar decoration design are generally equipped with two curtain, inner layer with texture of thin gauze, outer layer with texture of thick curtains. The screen is generally not open during the day, the curtain can be opened or closed, but the night would be shut off.The aesthetic function, mainly lies in the rich bar interior decoration space atmosphere, but also can make the scenery outside the window is dim and misty, weaken the bar interior decoration the contrast of light and shade, atmosphere with soft reserved, quiet, full of gentle beauty.

curtains feature

In fact, when everyone in the bar decoration design can also combine this point to the decoration design of the bar. In the whole bar hall decoration design if in the spacious hall, the walls and pillars from the bottom ceiling all posted with dark marble, although expensive material, but to the feelings of the people is proximity to the grotto, resulting in a dark cold chill. When it comes to the problem we want to tell everyone in the choice of decoration materials should be comprehensive consideration of different material characteristics and ingenious use of these materials to be bar decoration design.

In addition to the above content, here we also need to tell everyone in the bar in the design and decoration of glass plays a crucial role. It should be clear to everyone traditionally thought to have no bottles, glasses, the mirror can not be called to the bar, bar decoration modern still use the ideas and habits. In the decoration of the time, we should get to know some decoration knowledge, can better guarantee the decoration effect.

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