Vintage curtains can make your room much more elegant

The designer will use every detail in Home Furnishing to achieve decorative purposes, as far as possible to ensure there will not be some Home Furnishing decoration on the point of failure. Then the vintage curtains went into the decoration designer’s eyes, the vintage curtains is no longer just to cover the window light, a more important function is to decorate Home Furnishing role. You want to achieve a good decorative effect, it can not be ignored to some of the details of the problem in order to make vintage curtains. Curtains and Home Furnishing perfect fusion together. Decoration designers not only has a harmonious, unique decorative effect for curtains, reasonable overall shape, but also need to have some of the details of the highlights.

Vintage curtains can bring out the different colors, materials, other small decoration with various styles of vintage curtains, can reflect the different style music, convey the unique aesthetic style. Do not underestimate these details of accessories, they enhance the sense of quality and delicacy of the curtain. The curtain head fold way.

vintage curtains

Home Furnishing decoration is actually one of the details of mutual connection, for us Home Furnishing completely is a whole, a change in the small details they can give people a new feeling, just like the same person wearing different clothes to give people the feeling is not the same. In the living room, the curtains will play a clothes this responsibility, if you want to make the living room there is a different feeling, then you might as Home Furnishing for a new curtain. Change the curtains, even from the outside look inside, the feeling is not the same! Colorful cloth curtain to pull up, fold the formation of several natural, is a romantic French style design.

Multiple level uneven thickness of the curtain, the expression of complex retro aesthetic, above is a short vintage curtains around the fixed arc, drooping into several different levels, let beneath the vintage curtains up are changing.In fact, with the same function there are many kinds of vintage curtains style, above the kind of cloth vintage curtains is very suitable for modern living room, straight, simple and clean, and furniture color fusion, reduce the traditional long thick cloth vintage curtains, can let more light in. This is the traditional cloth vintage curtains, a refreshing light blue, plus with the log window similar gold ear edge, looks very elegant.

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