Please be more patient when you are choosing a curtain

In the pursuit of high-quality, personalized decoration is no longer hard today, people’s choice, decorate the home textile products soft decoration wind into many families. But the problem is that many owners buy curtains are concerned about the problem, consumers from the general style and price, but experts remind us that the quality is the key.

Yesterday, someone told people that she encountered to buy fabric curtains during remodeling troubles. She said, she in a store made a cloth curtain in two weeks ago, but to get the goods after it was found that the cloth curtain is not only a three noes products, but also the most headaches is the pungent smell after installation.

beautiful curtains

According to Ms. Huang encountered situation, found in the city several large supermarkets and wholesale market, because most fabric curtains need to order, so there is no sign of the widespread commodity. The curtain material, ingredients and manufacturers are introduced by the sales staff. A sales staff said, in addition to the curtain fabric can do batch, final product according to customer needs for different purposes and different styles to customize, unless it is a regular brand stores, otherwise generally no trademark.

For her problems, to examine attention, immediately sent staff conducted a sample survey of the curtain shop. After inspection, the curtain cloth, there are some problems in the content of formaldehyde, tagging, dyeing, after washing the size change.

The new group to remind consumers, in the purchase of home textiles, cloth and other products, choice of materials and ingredients must be consistent, to avoid the trouble caused by different fiber properties; in addition, do not buy no manufacturer name, address and contact information of the three noes curtain products, mainly to keep sales receipts as evidence the quality of the rights, even if it is made, they should consult businesses to produce relevant product information.


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