Amazing shower curtains bring you peace

I believe most of the families have curtains? The curtains of the biggest effect is light, and keep the indoor privacy, we now see the most is the curtain when the curtain fabric.

Now, the shower curtain cloth art in addition to those already there should be requirements, decoration designers with an important function in the curtain, a part of which is as the home soft decoration is very important, so we in the choose and buy when the curtain should not only consider the function of the problem, should also be taken into account is that it decorative effect. To be practical, beautiful, fashionable, but also personality, people on the cloth curtain is hars.

With the spatial distribution of different style of fabric designers said that the choice of fabric curtains to different function rooms, the choice of colours and patterns of different curtain.

shower curtains

The living room is the reception guests, family resting place, recommendations for the selection of thin cloth with light color, light and strong, a solemn, simple and generous bright visual effect.The bedroom is a private space, and the bed unified consideration, choose the thick shade fabric material, yarn, curtain double, can create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Stylist thinks, not only to consider the choice of fabric and home decoration style, but also conform to the master’s age, personality. Different styles, the texture of the fabric, but also can adjust the family atmosphere.

The young master should not choose the color, style and old curtain cloth, older people should not use too shallow, color patterns too lively, too trendy style of fabric. Similarly, calm personality, like the quiet is not suitable for people to choose too warm, appears lively fabric.

Elaborate decoration of the house, will still leave some regret or defective, with the soft decoration to cover up the room beautiful these regrets or defect may play a role in.

If the room is not bright, can use cloth organization is relatively poor, the pattern of printed fabric geometry as the curtain, and at the same time, curtains and wall as far as possible, this can let the human vision more open.

If the room is a space, you can choose a soft, fluffy material, with light absorbing materials to decorate the floor, walls, and windows is a large selection of contrast material, or the use of bright color curtain, bedspread, which forms the sharp contrast with the floor and walls, to change the room empty, boring feeling.

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